By the salt of blood and brine
I pledge this lifetime to my Lord.
From this day forth I shall be true and faithful.
I shall love all my Lord loves and shun all he shuns.
In the name of the Child and all His Saints
I bind myself to service.

An Oath of Fealty to House Corvus

Oath of Crows is a live roleplaying game of schemes and swords set in the ruins of a fallen Empire. The game is based in Aberystwyth, Wales. Events occur on the first Friday of every month.

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Fire and plague have destroyed the Old Empire, leaving only ruins and memory. Treachery and rebellion have seen the Kings of Surf and Brine supplanted and their line shattered and destroyed. Civilisation dimishness and the dark shadows the the wild encroach ever further into the small realms of man. As this happens, highborn Lords and Ladies gather to find ways to serve their people and their bloodlines, or serve only themselves. These are the darkest days.

Questing knights raid ancient barrows for the relics of the Empire. Court magicians summon capricious and evil spirits and bind them to do their bidding. Beautiful countesses weave webs of influence and deception, using their status and their allies to get ahead in the game of thrones. Priests invoke the name of God, the Child Enthroned, to hearten the spirits of the devoted. Assassins slip poisonous brews into glasses of mead. Charismatic young princelings give stirring speeches to their champions of the eve of a decisive battle. Corrupt guildsmen buy titles and honour with clinking silver coins.
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