Request a Recommendation

Oasis is happy to provide both current and former tutors with letters of recommendation, to fill out evaluations of tutor performance, and to act as a reference for a resume. However, since we oversee a large number of tutors, we do not always have the opportunity to observe every tutor directly, one on one, in any amount of detail. For that reason, we ask tutors to fill out the form below before we will endorse them in any way. That way, we get a better idea of who you are as a tutor and how you interacted with our program, allowing us to write you a much more personalized and persuasive letter of recommendation or to evaluate your performance more accurately. 

Step 1:     Fill out the Endorsement Form below
Step 2:     Send us an email with details of your request, including the individual or organization receiving the 
                 endorsement, the deadline, and any other special instructions. 

**Both steps required!**

Please allow us up to two weeks to complete your recommendation letter or evaluation, and note that these services are only available during our regular office hours when tutoring is in session. We will email recommendations or evaluations directly to an official contact person when required, but we do not email them to students. If you need a hard copy, you must pick it up from the office during regular office hours. If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

Endorsement Information