The Three Types of Shirts Every Man Must Possess: Well Crafted by Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Shirts are available in a wide assortment of fabrics, cuts , patterns and styles crafted by top wholesale clothing suppliers and manufacturers , but there are three major styles which every man's wardrobe must possess. Author Bio: The author of this article is an ardent follower of latest fashion trends and this piece gives insight about the three types of shirts a man must possess to fortify various purposes and occasions.

Insanely popular and wow-worthy in the men's clothing genre, shirts have created a buzz since time immemorial as a major fashion staple. Carrying a variety of meanings across the globe in different countries, shirts for men are not just for a dignified appeal, but also with the wide arrays of them crafted by the top-notch designers and top wholesale clothing suppliers , they can effortlessly be your style quotient anywhere and everywhere.

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Take a look at these three types of shirts available in the market by the top wholesale clothing suppliers, which every man must possess to render a mist-magic wardrobe solution, complemented by much required versatility.

Formal shirts

Formal clothing is very important for men, especially those who are into the corporate sector, with strict dress code, replicating the stance of professionalism. Though, due to their dignified stance, men are witnesses flaunting them with confidence with other events too such as parties and get-togethers or weddings with poise and finesse. Delivering panache to a man's attire, there are few things that one must abide by while banking on polished formal shirts:

  • Collar- The most important part of formal shirts are the collars they possess. It is upto you, to select from the wide variety of collared formal shirts engineered by the leading designers and top wholesale clothing suppliers. They mainly range from straight, tab, spread, button-down and winged, and while choosing them make sure the collar tips are symmetrical with perfect pointed shape

  • Cuffs- apart from collars, it is the cuffs which decide the stance you are carrying. Make sure they are polished to look at without any distortedness or blend

  • Fabric- the fabric of formal shirts are symbolized by unadulterated materials, without any grains, and thus must be smooth and unblemished.

  • Stitching - the stitching of the formal shirts should be sans loops or protrusions running straight without even any blend.

  • Colors - the top wholesale clothing suppliers are bringing in formal shirts in a variety of color blocking and duo-tones for both formal and semi formal events.

Denim shirts

Denims have always been in the fashion scene, owing to their versatility, elements of styling and comfortable quality. With the rage of denim shirts coming back to the global fashion market at regular intervals, they have always been an important closet must-have for every woman. Few things to get you covered with the right selection of denim shirts:

  • Fit and style - denim shirts come in a variety of fits and styles, ranging from slim fit ones, to lose ones, which can be worn as jackets over tank tees easily. Be it half sleeve, or full, adorned with a variety of color styles and pocket patterns, denim shirts extend a lot of options.

  • Colours and patterns- The colors of denim shirts vary from blue, to grey, white and black , and also they have a mirage of washed to reflect different looks. Recently the designers are introducing patchworks, embellishments, and self textures in florals and sleek motifs to render fresh outlook.

Casual Printed shirts

Shirts can no more ne termed boring, because of the creativity and technological nuances being added by the top wholesale clothing suppliers and manufacturers to enhance their look with fuss free finesse. In dynamic designs and zesty patterns these shirts comply with various needs and requirements, depending on the occasion.

  • Funky prints- these come in the form of geometric, abstract, floral, tribal, realistic, digital and many other bizarre motifs to add spunk and verve to otherwise boring shirts.

  • Sophisticated checks and stripes - apart from the newest addition to the patterns, the conventional and traditional stripes and plaids or checks have remained intact to preserve classical fashion stylishly.

Thus having these shirts is must for every man, with the top wholesale clothing suppliers adding innovative ideas to make them look better and interesting.