Welcome!  Edmodo is the main site I use, and it should be your primary resource. If you have trouble logging on to Edmodo or joining my group, please email me.

Parents: if you have not done so already, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey so I can get to know your child better and so I have a way to get information out to you.



My goal is to have every student active on Edmodo this year so I can utilize the website to its potential. Edmodo provides a great way for me to get information out to students, provide additional resources, engage students outside of the classroom, and assess them on learning.

If you are unsure how to sign up for Edmodo, here is an additional resource:

10 Book Challenge

Students will read a variety of literature this year. I am challenging them to read at least 10 novels on their own and to blog about their experience.

More information will follow.