Welcome to the Oasis Patrol's Virtual Headquarters!

Celebrating Over 100 Years of Patrol Participation

Oasis Shrine Temple was formed in 1895. In 1910, Oasis formed its first Unit - The Arab Marching Patrol, better known as "The Patrol." It is interesting to note that the first unit of any kind in all of "Shrinedom" was Zuhrah Patrol in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That marked the beginning of the organization of patrols, bands, drum corps, chanters, etc., now an inseparable part of all Shrine gatherings.


In 1913, we had 45 members meeting on Fridays except in the summer months. “The Patrol" continued to be the showcase for Oasis Temple at Imperial level.The Patrol was the only Oasis unit for several years until the band was formed in 1913. Other units were formed slowly through the years with a total of only 8 units until 1972, when the Temple began an expansion program to get more participation by its nobles. The Patrol currently has three Divan members, four Past Potentates, and one Imperial Past Potentate. Looking back through the years, the ranks of potentates and most other highly ranked positions in Oasis were filled with Patrolmen.

Today, the Patrol has several active members and veterans, most of whom are also active. We still meet on Friday nights at 7:00 pm, approximately once per month except during the summer. We get together for meetings, ceremonials, paper sales, WFNZ Dog House, and many other events about 25 times a year with heavy emphasis on ceremonials and Oasis activities. Our ladies are most involved as we have found this to be important. Sometimes, the ladies help us work, and we also enjoy their attendance at Ladies Night, a formal dinner and dance to honor them each November. They also get together at Oasis on Friday nights while we meet and even bring covered dish dinners as part of a regular meeting. In any event, we make our ladies a part of us!