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Vision Mission Philosophy

Formed with an objective to help citizens of developing countries live life completely, OASiS has always tried to look at development issues with a perspective different from existing practices.

Vision“Every human being – a Socially Secured Citizen”.

Mission“To organize systems and approaches that empowers every citizen, towards a socially equitable and economically sustainable status”.

Approach and Achievements:

Identify gaps in the social sector, look at them with different perspectives, innovate solutions to address them, pilot them, develop them into models and then give them out to the social sector for replication.

Since 2003, OASiS has developed 7 Social Innovations as listed below:

  • SIL - A Social Innovations Lab that brings community, university, corporate and government on a single platform, to brainstorm and experiment solutions for long pending social problems. SILs are being implemented both at Grassroots and University levels.

  • CESS - A Consumption and Expense based Social Security system, that gives complete social security to masses without any taxes, expenditure cuts, insurance premiums or savings.

  • THE MUSEUM SCHOOL - A high quality Urban Education model for economically and academically deprived children in urban slums, without any extra infrastructure or investment.

  • NIRAMAYA - A comprehensive Health Insurance System for the Disabled - implemented by The National Trust (a Government of India body) for over 4 lakh economically weaker Mentally challenged in the country.

  • SWANS - A unique approach to develop youth, shape their personalities, and groom them into responsible citizens, through social volunteering.

  • SCALE - A unique Social Credit system giving Advantage for Learning and Employment to mobilize Youth, Educational Institutions, and Corporate towards Social Volunteering.

  • GRAMODAYA - A Rural Education model to take rural development education to rural areas, and create local employment for rural children.

Two more innovative solutions are lying on the drawing board, waiting for NGO Partners and aspiring Social Entrepreneurs, to brainstorm, Pilot and take it forward.

Philosophy: The philosophy behind the organisation is: The number of selfless people who wish good for the society, outnumber the people with selfish materialistic interests, many times. If such people are brought together and given a platform to express themselves, to benefit society selflessly, they can create a different face of their country. 

OASiS is trying to become such a platform and a Lab of Social Innovations in India, where people from all walks of life can bring in their wild ideas on social development, brainstorm and experiment the same, and become social entrepreneurs.


Starting young in his life, an Information Technology professional wandered the corporate world for 15 years, with stints in Government, Private sector and Multinationals, as his job took him to around 12 countries in Asia and Europe. Searching for the eternal satisfaction that always eluded him, and disillusioned by the economic disparity and poverty in developing countries, he quit everything to return back to his hometown in central India. Taking his life on a different path and supported by his family, he set out on the road to remove the economic and social disparity among human beings.

Founding OASiS in 2003, he created a platform for all like-minded professionals, who would like to take similar challenges, and contribute all their knowledge and professionalism, to turn the disparity into socio-economic equality.
Working on a wide domain of Social Security and with a national geographic reach, OASiS started conceptualizing, experimenting and developing models to address the gaps in India's social sector.