Activities (photos)

AEX 2012-13

R/C Flying at R/Seahawks Park

Rocket Builds

Rocket Launch

Foam and Junk Rockets

Classroom Instruction and Drill

Curry Bootcamp 2012

Awards Ceremony 10-25-2012

Cadet Ground School

Mitchell Awards

Arcadia Airshow

Gathering of the Giants R/C Airshow

O-Flights 1-4-2012

Fantasy of Flight 2012

Buckingham Park ES Activity

Landing Lucky Lindy AE Activity

Veteran's Day Parade 2011

Hovercraft Build

Aviation Day - Page Field

Foam Shuttle AEX Project

Jets over the Cape

Calusa Nature Center Planetarium

Unit Activation Ceremony

Curry Boot Camp 2011

Oasis ACE Program

Cadet Orientation or "O" Flights