822 History

The “Mighty Tiger Shark’s” Beginning

The activation of Squadron SER-FL-822, the Oasis Charter Schools Cadet Squadron, the “Mighty Tiger Sharks,” on 13 Jan 2011 was the direct results of months of strategic planning, training, and collaboration between the Florida Wing’s Civil Air Patrol and Oasis Charter Middle School’s leadership teams.

Lt. Col. James K. Speith, (retired Army), and Chief Master Sergeant Johnnie D. Royal, (retired Air Force) originally conceived the idea of starting a new cadet squadron, created a detailed plan, and expertly led a team of dedicated members from the initial planning stages to the new squadron’s activation date.

Captain Johnnie D. Royal became the Tiger Sharks very 1st commander and the 1st deputy commander was Captain Richard J. Theriault. Captain Theriault is a former cadet of the Civil Air Patrol and earned the prestigious Amelia Earhart Award. Other senior squadron members included personnel from various backgrounds and expertise.

21 Feb 2011


FL-822 and FL-816 visited Tampa International Airport. 5 SMs and 31 cadets toured the airport onboard a passenger mini-bus. The 2 squadrons traveled down service roads to see and hear about Airfield Maintenance, Air Cargo, Fire Exercise Training Facilities, Fuel Farms, Aircraft Maintenance Hangers, Fire Station, and the Signature Flight Support and Tampa Jet Center.

Additionally, the squadrons learned about Landing Systems, Runways, Taxiways and observed planes landing and taking off on the runways. The units also received a guided tour from firefighters detailing their jobs and got to take an up-close look at the Special Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicles and equipment.  

19 Mar 2011


FL-822 visited Arcadia Municipal Airport. 2 SMs and 8 cadets participated in the air show/festivities. The group got the opportunity to see and touch vintage, experimental, and military aircraft up close. There also were numerous aviation/military booths set up and on display as well. The cadets passed out CAP program information flyers in front of the CAP aircraft (Cessna 182) parked on display. The cadets also answered any questions the viewing public asked. 

4 Apr 2011
19 OCMS students graduated from the Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program taught by Capt Royal. Each student received an ACE certificate of completion and ACE t-shirt. The ACE Program is an aerospace education program designed for students in grade K-6. ACE provides engaging and meaningful cross-curricular aerospace lessons that support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives and enrich school curricula. Additionally, the lessons are correlated to national academic standards and divided into categories of academics, character, and physical fitness.

17 Sep 2011
Cadets and Family members visited Cape Coral/R Seahawk Airpark. AMA Club #543, which consists of 300 club members dedicated to expanding the practice of and increasing the skill level of model builders and Radio Control flyers. The pilots dazzled the cadets and family members performing daring and spectacular aerial feats in a variety of vintage, experimental, and conventional model aircraft and gliders. The airpark has an asphalt runway plus a parallel grass runway and occupies 13.5 acres of land. Club members fly all types of aircraft from fast gas turbine jets to sleek aerodynamic gliders.

2 Oct  2011
44 cadets attended the annual Curry Boot Camp held on the Oasis Charter Middle School’s campus. Cadets from 3 different squadrons attended this academic and physically challenging event extending over 3-days and 2 nights. The camp activities included a study of the Civil Air Patrol’s rich history, basic military customs and courtesies, physical fitness training, and a variety of other pertinent cadet related subjects. Their days started early in the morning and ended late at night and were FUN-filled with class room academic learning, drill and parade practice, Charge of Quarters guard duty, and many other challenging team-building activities with both inter squad and team competitions. All the attending new recruits, successfully graduated from the Civil Air Patrol’s Great Start program.

 15 Oct 2011
19 cadets and 2 SMs visited the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. This center is housed on 105 wooded acres and has many programs uniquely designed to educate the public. There are 3 nature trails, a Planetarium, and many interactive educational exhibits. The cadets learned about Florida’s natural history and resources as they visited various exhibits and wandered the exciting nature trails. The highlight was an awe inspiring cosmic show inside the Planetarium’s Space Theater. The cadets looked on with amazed eyes as they experienced the creation of the expansion of the universe, visited distance stars, constellations, and galaxies. This unique journey left a new sparkle in their eyes for space travel and instilled a new personal commitment to protect our planet’s wildlife and conserve our precious natural resources.

16 Oct 2011
An Honor Guard cadre led by C/MSgt Ben Voll, and 4 other team members (C/SrA Jenny Sdrenka, C/AIC Marc Morosco, C/Amn Hunter Movalli, and C/Amn Ezakiah Smith) performed the sacred tradition of raising the American Flag to start the day and the playing of the US National Anthem. The event being celebrated was the “Jets over the Cape” SW regional gathering at the Cape Coral/R Seahawk Airpark. This annual event featured a variety of RC “jet engine” only aircraft. The silence of the morning was broken as a Eurofighter started its jet engine and quickly taxied for takeoff. Cape Coral skies were graced by a T-27 Tucano fighter, a Shock Jet, a J-3 Piper aircraft, a German FW-206 aircraft, and many others. Both cadets and spectators were thrilled by the precision of the pilots and the speed (180+ MPH) of the aircraft

20 Oct 2011
Tiger Shark Squadron’s cadets and OMS’ After School Care Program students partnered together building and simultaneously launching over 30 Goddard Rockets into the skies over the school campus. The after care students were invited and attended the unit’s weekly cadet meeting. The students and cadets participated in lively discussions learning about Bernoulli’s Theory and Sir Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws and how their discoveries “Unlocked the Secrets to Flight.” The bursting of a balloon and the twirling of a whirly wheel was used to demonstrate the movement of high and low air pressure and its affects across airfoils. The students and cadets put their new knowledge to work as they built their Goddard Rockets and launched them into the sky. The lesson was reinforced by showing a video animation demonstrating the 4 Forces acting upon an airplane in flight, followed with an informative hands-on demonstration and Q/A session.

5 Nov 2011
28 cadets and 4 SMs visited Page Field during their annual “Aviation Day” celebration. The cadets proudly represented the squadron as they walked around the aircraft parking ramp and answered questions posed by curious onlookers. The static displays included rescue helicopters, emergency vehicles, private and military aircraft. A vintage WW II P-51 Mustang Fighter aircraft graced the skies performing dazzling aerial feats. Several other aerobatic aircraft performed throughout the day. A highlight of the visit included a walk thru onboard a fully restored and flight ready Douglas DC-7B aircraft. The aircraft’s captain and crew briefed the cadets about the interesting history and performance facts of the aircraft.

11 Nov 2011
Members of the “Mighty Tiger Shark” Squadron (822) teamed with their sister squadron (816) and had the privilege to march in the Cape Coral’s annual Veterans Day Parade. The event honors those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, or who have served or those who are still serving in the United States’ Armed Forces. The parade featured over 50 different organizations including several marching bands, veteran or military groups, the Shriners, competition drill teams, and various military cadet units. This parade is one of the largest parades held annually in Southwest Florida.

18 Nov 2011
SMS, cadets, and Family members gathered to celebrate Thanks Giving. The event marked the unit’s 2nd anniversary of the festive gathering. Mrs. Byron, the unit’s (Parent Advisory Committee) chairperson masterfully coordinated the events activities. Family and squadron members embraced the true spirit of Thanks Giving by sharing potluck (home cooked) side dishes and traditional turkey/ham and stuffing meals. The squadron acknowledged its many blessings and successes over the past few months. 18 cadets were given certificates and congratulated on their recent promotions. The night ended on a high note as Family, cadets, and SMs enjoyed a delicious meal and each other’s company.
2 Jan 2012
C/SMSgt Ben Voll and C/SMSgt Christopher Byron proudly represented our squadron and graduated from the Civil Air Patrol Florida Wing’s Winter Wing Encampment. The cadets endured an intensive week of both interesting class room lectures/workshops and a variety of challenging physical fitness activities. The highlight of the trip was a visit to Tyndall AFB. They saw up close a squadron of F-22 (Raptor) fighter aircraft and were briefed on many of the exciting career fields the Air Force has to offer. The mission of the encampment training is to provide a positive learning environment that reinforces the core values of the Civil Air Patrol and the United States through consistency and adherence to the high standards of the Cadet Program.

21 JAN 2012
Squadron Members embarked on an Emergency Services field trip to Buckingham Park Located in Ft. Myers, FL.  The day started early with a mandatory safety/situational awareness briefing.  The SMs and cadets trekked through the park's 2-mile natrue trail as it wound through a moderately wooded forest.  This nature visitput into practice the new knowledge and skills (ie identifying natural hazards & actions to conduct when lost) the cadets acquired in class.  Next, the cadets enjoyed a friendly game of inter-squadron athletic competition.  Lastly, SMs and cadets ate lunch under one of the park's many pavilions overlooking its athletic and recreational equipment.
15 FEB 2012
For the 2nd consecutive year, the unit earned the prestigious Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX). The AEX award is presented to units who have completed at least six (STEM) aerospace education hands-on activities and attended at least one aerospace event/activity. The cadets learned about the principles of flight; aircraft systems; air environment; rockets; space environment; and spacecraft. They built a scale model Space Shuttle, launched foam Goddard Rockets into the sky, and practiced landing on a runway a model replica of the aircraft Charles Lindbergh soloed across the Atlantic. The cadets also built and solo piloted a hovercraft; gaining a better understanding of air pressure and the hovercrafts’ role in transportation 
20 FEB 2012
Both cadets from FL-822 and FL-816 visited the Fantasy of Flight aircraft museum. This authentic 1940’s aircraft museum is one of the world’s greatest aircraft collections. They boarded a Short Sunderland aircraft, the flying boat and viewed up close the world’s last flying B-26 Marauder. Other notable aircraft seen were a B-24 Liberator, a Curtiss TP-40, and two P51 Mustangs. The cadets also got the rare opportunity to see a vintage aircraft in flight and speak to its pilot. Lastly, the cadets enjoyed experimenting with many hands-on, interactive aerospace activities which demonstrates the basics of flight, modeled aircraft designs and flight testing, and one which allowed the cadets to pilot a state of the art hang glider simulator.
3 Mar 2012
For the 2nd consecutive year, FL-822 attended Arcadia’s Aviation Day/Festivities. The cadets teamed up with local firefighters, policemen, and other volunteers and performed vehicle parking detail and perimeter safety checks. Also, the troops got to see or touch numerous vintage, experimental, and military aircraft. There also were various aviation/military booths to visit. The cadets also assisted the public and answered questions

16/17 Mar 2012

A cadre of 3 SMs and 8 cadets supported Seahawk Airpark’s annual “Gathering of the Giants” airshow. Our squadron performed parking lot and perimeter/ramp security detail. Aircraft performing at the airshow included numerous 100+ MPH jet RC aircrafts, gliders, and other experimental aircrafts. The highlight of the airshow featured a Giant B-29 Flying Fortress Bomber aircraft launching a Bell X-1 Rocket plane. This show marked the Seahawk Airpark’s 18th annual hosting of the event.

10 - 16 June 2012

C/CMSgts Christopher Byron and Ben Voll graduated from the Florida Wing’s Group 5 Aviation Ground School. The instruction for the 5-day course was conducted inside Sarasota Military Academy’s state-of-art learning facility. The cadets received 40 contact hours of comprehensive instruction from pilots and aviation experts which prepared them to pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private Pilot Knowledge Test. After completing the course and passing the test, the cadets completed the 1st phase of the FAA qualification requirements to earn their private aircraft pilot license. The cadets will then be allowed to enter into the 2nd and final phase of the licensing requirement and solo pilot a CAP aircraft.

18-19 August 2012

C/2nd Lt Ben Voll and C/2nd Lt Christopher Byron participated in a Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) mission. Participants of SAREX teams are an important and critical part of an interdisciplinary team consisting of both CAP volunteers and other first responder organizations. These teams perform both ground and air searches for people who are lost, missing or who are in distress on land or inland waterways. The cadets also received training on: flight line safety and aircraft line marshaling, how to use communication devices, how to perform ground search team duties, and how to prepare/conduct grid area searches

31 Aug – 2 Sep 2012

C/2nd Lt Christopher Byron and C/2nd Lt Ben Voll successfully graduated from the wing’s Regional Cadet Leadership School (RCLS). The RCLS is a comprehensive leadership and teambuilding course which explores the critical concept of officer ship and how to indirectly lead subordinates. The cadets also participated in a variety of group discussions and hands on activities aimed at exploring and applying other leadership themes consistent with CAP’s expectation of Phase III cadets. Cadets must have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or above to attend this prestigious course.

8 Sep 2012

Several cadets attended the Squadron’s Leadership Course workshop. This unique training consisted of a variety of leadership discussion and team building hands on activities. The cadets explored the traditional Leadership Theory model and its many applications. Next, the cadets discussed the NCOs’ duties and responsibilities as described in the cadet “Learn to Lead” pamphlet. Also, the cadets engaged in a team-building activities which highlight the importance of positive role models and proper goal setting. Lastly, the cadets discussed mentoring and the benefits of effective verbal and non-verbal communication.

3 Nov 2012

20 cadets and 3 SMs visited Page Field during their annual “Aviation Day” celebration. Aviation Day is a free, annual community event aimed at educating the residents of SW Florida about the social and economic benefit to the region by aviation. This year, our cadets got to see and board a Douglas
DC-7B aircraft. This massive four-engine aircraft was one of the last piston-engine driven commercial planes built before the advent of the jet engine. Other aviation attractions included numerous experimental, antique and military plane exhibits, aviation educational activities and demonstrations.

8 Nov 2012

Cadets and family members visited a local model rocket club and watched the cadets launch and recover dozens of self-built model rockets “High into the Sky.” This event was the capstone of 8 weeks of basic model rocketry instruction and model rocket building. The cadets started out building simple alternative-powered (rubber band) model rockets and progressively build more advanced solid-propellant engine powered rockets. This event was a Big Success and a lot of FUN for all!

13 Dec 2012

For the 3rd consecutive year, the unit earned the prestigious Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX). The AEX award is presented to units who have completed at least six STEM-related aerospace education hands-on activities and attended at least one aerospace event/activity. The cadets learned about the principles of flight; aircraft systems; air environment; rockets; space environment; and spacecraft. The squadron received an AEX Award plaque and each cadet received an AEX program completion certificate.

15 Dec 2012
For the 2nd consecutive year, OMS afterschool students graduated from the Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program. The ACE program is designed to provide aerospace educational hands on activities and curriculum for students. The lessons provide meaningful cross-curricular lessons that support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiatives and enrich the school curricula. Additionally, many lessons promote good character and physical fitness. The lessons are generally 30-60 minutes. The students learned about a variety of air and space related topics.

19 Jan 2013

Cadets from FL-822 had the opportunity to put theoretical lessons from the classroom to practical application during the R/Seahawks buddy flight activity.  At several cadet meetings, cadets practiced radio controlled flight on a simulator.  The classroom training and practice culminated as cadets and their parents were the honored guests of the Cape Coral R/Seahawks Radio Controlled Flying Club.  They were treated to static R/C Aircraft displays, aerobatics, helicopter and glider flight demonstrations, and ‘buddy flying’ where the cadets had the opportunity to take the controls and fly an R/C glider while supervised by a trained instructor.  The gracious R/Sea Hawks hosts provided a lunch where student pilots and veteran pilots got to eat hot dogs, trade stories and experiences.

16 Feb 2013

Squadron members attended their 2nd annual Emergency Services field trip to Buckingham Park located in Ft. Myers, FL. Their day started bright and early with a mandatory safety/situational awareness briefing. Then the cadre and cadets were bussed to the park and trekked through a nature trail as it winded  through a moderately wooded forest. The cadets put into practice the new knowledge and skills (ie identifying natural hazards & actions to conduct when lost, and building a survival shelter) they acquired in the class room. Next, the cadets enjoy a friendly game of inter-squadron athletic competition. The day ended with a tasty BBQ as the cadets and SMs overlooked its many athletic and recreational fields.

21 Feb 2013

Ms. Carol Stewart, a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador and Astronomy and Space Exploration Program presenter gave an awe inspiring presentation on astronomy to members of our squadron. Ms. Stewart eloquently explained and discussed the unique characteristics of space, the universe, constellations, galaxies, and the solar systems. The cadets also built an educational paper manipulative that they could use to quickly and easily identify the constellations in the sky. Lastly, the cadets peered through a high powered telescope to view the Sun, sun spots, and other celestial bodies.

17 Mar 2013

For the 2nd consecutive year, FL-822 members supported the Seahawk RC Airpark’s annual “Gathering of the Giants” airshow. Cadets performed parking lot and perimeter/ramp security detail. Aircraft performing at the airshow included 100+ mph jet RC aircraft  gliders, and other experimental aircraft.  The highlight of the airshow featured a Giant B-29 Flying Fortress Bomber aircraft launching a Bell X-1 Rocket plane. This spectacular show marked the Seahawk Airpark’s 19th annual hosting of the event and Squadron 822’s final community service event.