Vernetta Chesimard, Chair

Dear PEF Member,

It has come to our attention that rumors have been floating around pertaining to ATC closures. More recently it has come to my attention that our commissioner, at a recent ASAP Policy Forum, referenced the possibility of one to three ATCs being closed. We realize that this must come as a shock particularly since we as your Labor/Management team have not been notified of any such possibility. We certainly understand from the Commissioner’s Budget Alerts that everything is supposed to be on the table. However in recent talks between the Governor Patterson and several union presidents including our own President Ken Brynien, the possibility of workforce lay-offs was not discussed. 

The Governor did ask for suggestions to address the current fiscal crisis New York State is experiencing. The unions have provided the Governor with a number of suggestions that will hopefully help him to effectively address the current fiscal crisis we are in.  Among the suggestions given was the fact that there are political appointees within his administration from four previous administrations. In fact we can look at our own agency and see that it is indeed top heavy. While we recognize that  everyone will attempt to take care of their own, we want you to understand that we would have very serious concerns if, in doing so, it would be done on the back s of our members.  For this reason, on Monday November 3rd I placed a call to Commissioner Carpenter –Palumbo requesting a return call at her earliest convenience.  To date, I have not heard from her. However I trust that I will hear from her in the near future.  In the meantime please be assured that we are monitoring the situation. Please do not be mislead by rumors and innuendos get upset over many things that might be said over the next several months. Together we are strong but divided we can fall.      

Vernetta Chesimard, Chair

OASIS Statewide Labor Management