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Just published: Albiach / Celan / Reading Across Languages (Annex 2017). Albiach / Celan / Reading Across Languages

Other New Work:
Roberto Echavarren, The Virgin Mountain, translated by Donald Wellman and the author. Diálogos, 2017.
Roberto Echavarren, The Espresso Between Sleep and Waking, translated by Donald Wellman and the author, Card Board House, 2016.
Neila, Evening Song: Last Poems of Yvan Goll, Spuyten Duyvil  2016.
Roman Exercises, Talisman House Publications, 2015.
Murat Nemat-Sejat, excellent review of Roman Exercises, JPR 5.
"Philadelphia," Dispatches 
"Songs," a suite of poems, BlazeVox 16
Translations from Antonio Gamoneda's Arden las Pérdidas, Seedings /2. Duration Press.
"God is Love," Journal of Poetics Research 5, as well as a translation of Roberto Echavarren's poem "Animalaccio."
"Monadology," Annex Press
Translation of Roberto Echavarren's "The Lady from Shanghai appears in Asymptote.
Translations of Echavarrren's "In this Dark Tomb" and "Universal Illogical" are on line at Annex Press.,-evening-song-last-poems-of-yvan-goll.html
Roman Exercises

Selected works:

Donald Wellman [Don Wellman]: Publications and Scholarship            




Books of poetry, chapbooks and broadsides:

Roman Exercises, Talisman House Editions, Fall 2015.

             Review, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Journal of Poetics Research, 3 (2015).

Remando de noche: La Poesía de Donald Wellman // Night Rowing: The Poetry of Donald Wellman, [a bilingual selected poems], ed. Nicolás Estévez. Valencia: University of Valencia, 2015.

The Cranberry Island Series, Loveland, OH: Dos Madres, 2013

A North Atlantic Wall, Loveland. OH: Dos Madres, 2010

Urika, Gloucester: Boat-train, 2009.

Prolog Pages, Tokyo and Toronto: Ahadada, 2009.

Baroque Threads, an e-book, selected poems from the manuscript, Notebook: Cuaderno de Costa Rica. Jacksonville: Mudlark, 2007.

Fields, Kenosha: Light and Dust, 1995.

The House in the Fields, White Plains: Room, 1992.


Translations of books of poetry:

Blaise Cendrars. The Prose of the Transsiberian abd Little Joan of France. Journal of Poetics Research. Fall 2017.

Roberto Echavarren. The Native Mountain. Trans. with the author. Diálogos 2017.

Roberto Echavarren. The Espresso between Sleep and Wakfulness. Trans. with the author. Cardboard House: 2016.

Yvan Goll. Neila's Evening Song: Last Poems of Yvan Goll [Neila's Abendgesang: Letzte Gedichte], Spuyten Duyvil, Fall 2015.

Antonio Gamoneda. Description of the Lie: a translation of Descripción de la mentira. Talisman House Editions: Greenfield MA, 2014.

Emilio Prados. Enclosed Garden: A Translation of Jardín cerrado. Diálogos: New Orleans, 2013.

Antonio Gamoneda. Gravestones [A translation of Lápidas], New Orleans: University of New Orleans Press, 2009.

So For Then Also The Dragon, [Beowulf,  Lines 2324–2710]. Milwaukee: Membrane, 1991.   


Essays and Scholarship:

Albiach / Celan: Reading Across Language. Annex 2017.     

Expressivity in Modern Poetry. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Forthcoming 2018