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Just published: Albiach / Celan / Reading Across Languages (Annex 2017).Albiach / Celan / Reading Across Languages

Other New Work:
"Philadelphia," Dispatches 
"Songs," a suite of poems, BlazeVox 16
Translations from Antonio Gamoneda's Arden las Pérdidas, Seedings /2. Duration Press.
"God is Love," Journal of Poetics Research 5, as well as a translation of Roberto Echavarren's poem "Animalaccio."
"Monadology," Annex Press
Translation of Roberto Echavarren's "The Lady from Shanghai appears in Asymptote.
Translations of Echavarrren's "In this Dark Tomb" and "Universal Illogical" are on line at Annex Press.
Echavarren's The Espresso Between Sleep and Waking, translated by the author and myself, Card Board House, 2016.
Neila, Evening Song: Last Poems of Yvan Goll, Spuyten Duyvil  2016.
Roman Exercises, Talisman House Publications, 2015.
Murat Nemat-Sejat, excellent review of Roman Exercises, JPR 5.,-evening-song-last-poems-of-yvan-goll.html
Roman Exercises


Born in Nashua, NH, USA, attended University of New Hampshire, 1962-67; US Army, 1968-71; University of Oregon, 1971-75 (Doctor of Arts, concentrations in Old and Middle English, modern  and contemporary poetry and poetics;1975-1985: teaching St. Croix USVI, Cambridge, Lowell and Boston MA;  organizer of poetry and contemporary music festivals, Cranberry Isles ME, editor and publisher O.ARS (1981-95), Professor, Daniel Webster College, 1984-2013.


Literary and Scholarly Achievements: 

Donald Wellman is a poet and translator. His poetry includes Roman Exercises (Talisman House 2015) The Cranberry Island Series (Dos Madres 2013), A North Atlantic Wall (Dos Madres 2010), Prolog Pages (Ahadada 2009), Baroque Threads (Mudlark 2007) and Fields (Light and Dust 1995). A bilingual edition of his poetry, Remando de noche is available from the University of Valencia (2015). From 1981-1994, he edited O.ARS, a series of anthologies devoted to innovative poetics, including volumes entitled  Coherence, Perception and Translations: Experiments in Reading. This series was of foundational importance in the development of “language-centered” poetry. The series included works by both emerging and established writers in the fields of visual poetry, experimental fiction, and a wide range of avant-garde poetry from Europe and Latin America. 

Wellman has written highly praised critical articles on the works of William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound and Charles Olson. His current scholarship addresses translation theory, language poetry, post-language poetry, transcultural and hybrid poetics. He has presented often at the annual conferences of major scholarly organizations including the Modern Language Association, the Modernist Studies Association, the American Literary Translators, American Literature Association, the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, and the programs hosted by the National Poetry Foundation. In 2009, he led workshops on the poetry of Antonio Gamoneda sponsored by the International University Menéndez Pelayo in A Coruña. He has also given workshops and conferencias at the University of Valencia.

Wellman has translated two volumes by Antonio Gamoneda's, Description of the Lie (Talisman House 2014) and Lápidas, (University of New Orleans 2009). Other translations of Gamoneda’s poetry can be found in Words Without Border, The Brooklyn Rail, Calque, Sakura, Sirena and Guernica. He is also the translator of Enclosed Garden by Emilio Prados (Diálogos 2013). The original, 1962, was praised by Juan Larrea as redeeming the flower of Andalusian poetry so tragically terminated in the Spanish Civil War. This is the only available translation of Prados into English. Recently released are translations of Roberto Echavarren's The Espresso Between Sleep and Wakefulness (Card Board House 2016) and of Yvan Goll's Neila, Evening Song: Last Poems of Yvan Goll (Spuyten Duyvil 2016). Originally a medievalist, Wellman has also published translation from Old English, German, and French

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