Cognitive Neuroscience Journal club

National University of Singapore
Department of Psychology, FASS
Neurobiology Programme and SINAPSE Institute, Center for Life Sciences

Organizer: Asst. Prof. O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman, (odhaniel at

Format: participant presentation of recent cognitive neuroscience articles, with group discussion. Presenters should present background, methodology, results, and their own critique (including questions and criticisms). PLEASE put in effort to describe how the paper adds to the literature, even with whatever criticisms you may have.

For information, please email odhaniel at
                                                            ODhaniellab on Facebook
Signing up:
To sign up to present, please contact the coordinator, including the date you wish to present, paper reference, and paper URL. If you don't know the specific article you would present at this time, you can wait to let me know. Please be sure the article is listed at least one week before the presentation date so that others have a chance to read it.

Presentations AY2014-2015
          Bi-weekly, timing TBD 

DateLocation PresenterArticle
 March 27, 10:30am AS7 01-17 Ray Dolan Related talk - Value for self, others and psychopathology
March 18, 2:30pmCeLS seminar room 2Thomas Nichols Related talk - Spatial Bayesian Point Process Modeling for Neuroimaging Data
 Nov 7, 4pm NTU, room ESR10, building S3.1, level B2 Wolfram Schultz Related talk - Economic decision making and the brain
October 10, 12pmDuke-NUS 
Meeting room 7C
Mathias PessiglioneRelated talk - The Neural Code of Subjective Value
 Nov 7th, 4pm NTU, ER10, S3.1-B2-10/11 Wolfram Schultz  Related talk - Economic decision making and the brain

Presentations AY2013-2014
          Bi-weekly, Wednesdays at 4:30pm. 
                   Note: Alternating locations between NUS and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
          Coordinator: Yoanna Kurnianingsih (yoanna.ak (at)

DateLocation PresenterArticle
Aug 26
  4pm to 5:30pm
AS2-03-12Daniel Houser
(George Mason University) 
Related talk: Sign me up! A model and field experiment on volunteering

Sept 18CeLS Seminar Room 2Fumihiko Taya
Neural Mechanisms of dissonance: an fMRI investigation of choice justification. Kitayama, Chua, Tompson, and Han. (2013) Neuroimage
 Sept 27 to 29   -- --  Society for Neuroeconomics annual conference - Lausanne, Switzerland
 Oct 2 CeLS Seminar Room 2Yoanna Kurnianingsih
(NUS Psychology)
 Menz MM; Buchel C; Peters J. Sleep deprivation is associated with attenuated parametric valuation and control signals in the midbrain during value-based decision making. J Neurosci. (2012) 
 Oct 16 CeLS Seminar Room 2 Egor Ananyev
(NUS Psychology)
 Slotnick SD; Thompson WL; Kosslyn SM. Visual memory and visual mental imagery recruit common control and sensory regions of the brain. J Cog Neuro (2012)
 Oct 30 CeLS Seminar Room 2 Tan Chia Howe
(NUS Psychology)
 Ventromedial prefrontal cortex encodes emotional value. Winecoff, Clithero, Carter, and Huettel. (2013) J Neurosci.
 Nov 9 to 13 -- -- Society for Neuroscience annual conference - San Diego, USA
 Nov 27 CeLS Seminar Room 2
 Julian Lim
 In the Mind of the Market: Theory of Mind Biases Value Computation during Financial Bubbles De Martino, O'Doherty, Camerer. (2013) Neuron
 Dec 11 Duke-NUS 4D
Irma Kurniawan
 The Functional and Structural Neural Basis of Individual Differences in Loss Aversion. Canessa et al., 2013.
 Jan 22 CeLS Seminar Room 2  Stijn Massar (Duke-NUS) Harris, A., Hare, T., & Rangel, A. (2013). Temporally dissociable mechanisms of self-control: early attentional filtering versus late value modulation. Journal of Neuroscience
 Jan 29 Psych Meeting Room O'Dhaniel A. Mullette-Gillman (NUS) Related Talk: State Alterations of Human Economic and Moral Decision Making
 Feb 14 LT 27, 12pm  Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan Related talk: "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey"  -- Preview and Q&A
 Mar 5 Duke-NUS 4D Evan Huang (Duke-NUS) 

Presentations AY2012-2013
Bi-weekly, Wednesday at 4:30pm.
Note: Alternating weeks with the Fundamentals of Neuroeconomics Discussion group 

DateLocation PresenterArticle
 July 23 to Aug 3
--NUS Business SchoolAsia Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics - Singapore

 Aug 3 and 4
--Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (Duke-NUS) Functional Neuroimaging Program 2012 - Singapore

 Aug 13

 CeLS Auditorium Elijah Mak (NUS) Emotion regulation reduces loss aversion and decreases amygdala responses to losses

 Aug 27
 CeLS Auditorium Jo Archer (NTU)Endogenous Cortisol is associated with functional connectivity between the amygdala and medial prefrontal cortex. Veer et al 2012 

 Sept 10
 CeLS Auditorium    Soon Chun Siong (Duke-NUS)   Ubiquity and Specificity of reinforcement signals throughout the human brain. Vickery, Chun, and Lee. Neuron (2011)

 Sept 28 to 30
-- -- Society for Neuroeconomics annual conference - Miami, USA
 Oct 13 to 17
-- -- Society for Neuroscience annual conference - New Orleans, USA
 Oct 22
 CeLS Seminar room 2 George Christopoulos (NTU) Social Network Modulation of Reward-Related Signals. J Neurosci. Fareri ... Delgado 2012

 Nov 5 CeLS Seminar room 2 Stijn Massar (Duke-NUS) Neural Prediction Errors Reveal a Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning Process in the Human Brain. J Neurosci. Niv, Edlund, Dayan, & O'Doherty 2012

 Nov 19CeLS Seminar room 2  Yoanna Kurnianingsih (NUS) Preference Reversals in Decision Making Under Risk are Accompanied by Changes in Attention to Different Attributes. Front Dec Neuro. Kim, Seligman, & Kable 2012

 Dec 3 CeLS Seminar room 2 Chee Wei Yan (Duke-NUS) Review: Effort Discounting: Motivation and Decision-Making Studies.
 Jan 30CeLS Seminar room 2 Fumihiko Taya (SINAPSE, NUS)Anterior prefrontal cortex contributes to action selection through tracking of recent reward trends, J. Neurosci. Kovach et al, 2012
 Feb 20 CeLS Seminar room 2 Chee Wei Yan (Duke-NUS) Neural Mechanisms underlying Mental Versus Physical Effort. PLOS Biology. Schmidt et al 2012
 Mar 6 CeLS Seminar room 2 Yoanna Kurnianingsih (NUS) State Dependent Valuation: The Effect of Deprivation on Risk Preferences. Levy, Thavikulwat, and Glimcher, 2013
 Mar 20 CeLS Seminar room 2 Brian Monson (Duke-NUS)Cancelled due to illness. 
 Apr 3 CeLS Seminar room 2 Julian Lim (SINAPSE/TEMASEK Labs) Neurocircuits underlying cognition-emotion interaction in a social decision making context. Ho et al., NeuroImage 2012.
 Apr 13 to 16 -- -- Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual conference - San Francisco, USA
 April 17 CeLS Seminar room 1 Stijn Massar (Duke-NUS) Dopaminergic involvement during mental fatigue in health and cocaine addiction. Moeller, Tomasi, Honorio, Volkow, Goldstein. Transl. Psychiatry (2012)
 May 15 CeLS Seminar room 1 Jiahoe Poh (Duke-NUS) Attentional drift-diffusion model extends to simple purchasing decisions. Krajbich, Lu, Camerer, and Rangel. Frontiers in Psychology 2012

Note for AY2011-12: Sessions alternate weekly with the Duke-NUS Cognitive Neuroscience Discussion Group - website
Bi-weekly, Monday at 4:30pm. 
DateLocation PresenterArticlePresenter description
Sept 2 AS1-0203 O'Dhaniel Mullette-GillmanBromberg-Martin and Hikosaka, 2011 
Sept 16 AS1-0201 ZHONG SongfaCasey et al 2011 
Sept 30 AS1-0201 Soon Chun SiongFried et al 2011 
Oct 14 AS1-0201 George Christopoulos (NTU)Edelson et al 2011 - Following the Crowd: Brain Substrates of Long-Term Memory Conformity."demonstrates how social influence can have relatively long-term effects on memory. Interestingly the effects of social influence on memory were mediated by amygdala function and connectivity."
Oct 28 Sem Room B. AS7 Misha MonakovRilling et al 2011 - Effects of intranasal oxytocin and vasopressin on cooperative behavior and associated brain activity in men"The study investigates neural correlate of cooperative behavior using combination of fMRI, intranasal administration of hormones, and laboratory game (prisoner's dilemma) methods."
Nov 11 LT10 Ilya FarberParkinson, Sinnott-Armstrong, et al. 2011 Is Morality Unified? Evidence that Distinct Neural Systems Underlie Moral Judgments of Harm, Dishonesty, and Disgust.

investigates three different forms of moral judgment using fMRI. The core question is whether moral judgment is one unified faculty, or whether separate types of judgment employ disjoint systems. For this paper, I think it will be especially useful to evaluate it from two different angles: first, asking whether their imaging results support their claims about localization, and second, asking what (if so) this tells us about human moral thinking. I encourage you to focus your reading on one or the other of those questions, depending on your inclinations and background... 

Nov 24 Mochtar Riady Building, Seminar Room 2-3     Hilke Plassman (INSEAD)Neural Correlates of Costs and the Basis of 'Pain of Paying': Behavioral and fMRI Evidence"Related talk, hosted by the NUS Business School
Nov 25 Duke-NUS Conference room 4D Vinod Venkatraman (Temple)Neuroeconomics of Risky Choice: From Variables to StrategiesJC canceled so members can attend this talk at Duke-NUS. 
Dec 93:30-5:30pm CSI Meeting room (Nanyang Business School S3-B3-C) Brooks King-Casas and Pearl Chiu (Virginia Tech Carlilion Research Institute)Talk: Neurobiology of Social Decision MakingJC canceled so members can attend this talk at NTU.
Jan 5 & 6Duke-NUS Singapore Cognitive Neuroscience meeting Images of the Mind, 25 years of fMRI research 
Jan 20Sem Room B. AS7  Mark Dranias (Duke-NUS)Baluch and Itti, 2011. Mechanisms of top-down attention. (TICS, Review)

Bottom up salience generally relates to the control of orienting reflexes by stimulus energy. Top-down salience is generally a consequence of task context, learning, and motivation. 

Feb 3AS7 Auditorium, AS7-0102  Helen Juan Zhou (Duke-NUS)Uddin et al., 2011. Dynamic reconfiguration of structural and functional connectivity across core neurocognitive brain networks with developmentFunctional and effective connectivity of the executive and salience networks, and alterations between 14 and 19 year olds.
Feb 14  
Economics Dept, AS2/03-12Prof. Daniel Benjamin, Cornell University"The Promise and Pitfalls of Genoeconomics"Related talk, hosted by Centre for Behavioral Economics.  
Feb 17AS7 Auditorium, AS7-0102  Yushi JiangMartin and Delgado. The Influence of emotion regulation on decision-making under risk. J Cog Neurosci, 2011  
Feb 21

Economics Dept, AS2/03-12 Prof. Matt Rabin, UC Berkeley"Rational and Naive Herding"Related talk, hosted by Centre for Behavioral Economics. 
Mar 2 4pm to 5:30Sem Room B. AS7 Fumihiko Taya"Neural substrates for exploratory decisions in choices including risky and ambiguous options"Neural substrates for exploratory decisions resolving ambiguity will be discussed
March 31 to April 3 ---
 --- Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Conference, Chicago

  • AS1-0203 is a tutorial lecture room, on the second floor of AS1, down a pink corridor to the left of stairs to level 3. The coordinates are approximately (1.295633,103.772317), which can be used for directions in google maps.  Note that it is very proximal to the ADM building.
  • AS4-0208 is the NUS Psychology department meeting room, located in building AS4, level 2, room 08, very proximal to the Psychology department main office. The coordinates are approximately (1.294581,103.77162), which can be used for directions in google maps.
  • Sem Room B. AS7 - is a seminar room, located in AS7, main hall. This has easy access for participants and a lobby for awaiting cabs at the time of departure. The address is 5 Arts Link, NUS, The Shaw Foundation Building, 117570
  • AS7-0102 is a high quality auditorium located in AS7, at the end of the hall to the right if you were to enter the building through the main entrance from the parking lot.

Parking:  For those joining us from other institutes, it is possible to attain parking passes with forewarning. Please let me know if you are interested in these. Further information will be provided as necessary.

Transportation: There is a FASTCALL satellite taxi booking site outside the main entrance of AS7. Dial 6454 2222, key in 12331, press 1 (hold for confirmation). or SMS-A-Taxi by sending "FC 12331" to 71222. The address of AS7, for alternate booking means, is: The address is 5 Arts Link, NUS, The Shaw Foundation Building, 117570.
    For those of you coming/going back to Duke-NUS, the 33 bus goes directly between a bus depot (on Clementi Rd., right by AS7) at NUS and the Outram MRT station.

AY2012-13 scheduling query

posted Jun 21, 2012, 8:31 PM by O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman

In preparation for our AY2012-2013 meetings, please let me know if you have a strong preference on continuing to meet on Fridays at 4:30pm, or would rather meet on Mondays at 4:30pm. 

Also, Please volunteer to present in Aug or Sept!

Cognitive Neuroscience and Systems Neuroscience in Singapore

posted Jun 21, 2012, 8:29 PM by O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman

We'd just like to point out a potentially valuable resources for those of you interested in Cognitive Neuroscience - The Cognitive Neuroscience and Systems Neuroscience in Singapore website. 

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