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League FAQs

What determines the number of flights for an event?

The number of entries determines the number of flights. We like to have around 8 teams per flight.

How many teams get prize money each event?

On average, we pay half the field. If there are 24 teams entered, the top 12 (and ties) would get prize money.

What’s a “chit”?

It’s the local word for prize money. Every member has a “chit” account at the Oakwood golf shop. You spend your prize money there. You can spend the money any time during the calendar year; they don’t expire until January 31 of the following year.

Who gets the chit prize money?

If it’s a skill prize (like longest putt), the person making the shot gets the money. If it’s for placing up high enough in your flight, 50% of the award goes to the male golfer, and 50% to the female golfer.

How do you calculate the team handicaps?

We follow the USGA's recommendations. For a 4-person scramble, they recommend a handicap of 20% of the A (lowest) player’s handicap plus 15% of B’s plus 10% of C’s plus 5% of D’s. For a 2-person scramble, the handicap is 35% of A’s plus 15% of B’s. For a Chapman game, they recommend 60% of A's handicap plus 40% of B's. Whatever the USGA recommends is what we do.

Do all putts have to go in the hole?

If you reach your ESC maximum, you pick up and score your ESC. Otherwise, if your score is to be counted for the team, the ball must go in the hole (unless the rules provide for gimmies, which we do in scrambles). If your score does not count for the team, you may pick up whenever you like, and use your “most probable” score.

What is “in the leather”?

“In the leather” is the distance between your putter head and the putter grip, which is around 24 inches. To determine if your ball is “in the leather” (and qualifies for a gimme), you put your putter head in the hole and the shaft over the ball. If any portion of the grip covers the ball, it is outside the leather and must be putted.

What determines the chit payouts each event?

The number of golfers entered. We average $4 per golfer in prize money, so if there are 100 entered, total chits paid would be around $400.

How do you determine the pairings for each event?

Rule number one is you play with someone you haven’t played with before, if at all possible. After that, the pairings are determined by the game being played. If it’s based purely on net score (like 2 best net or Cha-Cha-Cha), the pairings are random, and the flighting is based on total team handicap. If the game typically favors the lower handicapper (like a scramble), teams are flighted by the low handicapper, and paired such that the team handicaps are the same within the flight (“ABCD” in pairing parlance).

Why is my handicap different from other leagues I play in?

Most likely because in our league, you’re competing with golfers playing from different tees. In this case, USGA regulations require we adjust your course handicap by the difference in rating between the tees you’re playing and our standard tees (white for men and yellow for women).

What tees am I allowed to play from?

Your choice of Blue, Blue/White, White, White/Yellow, Yellow, Yellow/Silver or Silver.

How do I change the tees I want to play from?

You send an e-mail to our webmaster at mail@oakwoodcouplesgolf.com. You’re allowed to make this change once per season.

How do I know how many strokes I gain or lose by changing tees?

There's a table which shows the handicap from each tee. There's on table for men, and one for women.

What is the maximum score I can take?

All our games are played under the Maximum Score (Rule 21-2) format, with the maximum being your ESC score as shown on the scorecard. If you get to your ESC, you simply pick up, and score your ESC for the game. Note that there are no 'X' scores anymore. Your ESC is a valid score for league play. Just enter it, and move on to the next hole.

How do I order the vegetarian option for my meal?

You note it on your check (either as an attached note, or directly on the check).

What happens if we can’t play in an event we’ve entered?

If you cancel before Tuesday noon, you get your money back. After that, you don’t (but you can certainly attend the meal). If you cancel before the draw is made (Wednesday evening), we'll find a replacement for you or one of the executive will bow out. If you cancel after Wednesday, we'll do our best to find a replacement. But if we can't, the partners you were paired with lose out -- they can either play on their own or can bow out and get their money back. Therefore, you should make every effort to play once the draw has been prepared.

Can we still play if we forgot to enter by the deadline?

There’s a good chance if you let us know early. Just call or e-mail the webmaster, and we’ll pair you up if we can. You can pay us when you get to the course on Friday.

Who posts the scores for the league games I play?

You do.

What is the checkin procedure?

When you arrive at the course, park your cart at your designated starting hole. Check in with our volunteer hosts on the patio behind the golf shop. After getting your scorecard (and any other instructions), check in with the golf shop. Then warm up, greet your teammates, and enjoy your round of golf.

What do I do with the scorecard after the round?

First, verify with your teammates that the scores are correct. Then, bring one card to the restaurant as soon as you’re done. Certainly before you go home, if that’s your standard procedure. Getting all scorecards in early makes like a whole lot easier for everyone involved. And you’ll find out your winnings earlier too!

Who can be a member of Oakwood Couples?

Any male/female couple who both have active GHIN numbers. You’re not restricted to living in Sun Lakes.

What’s a GHIN number and how do I get one?

GHIN is the USGA’s system for keeping track of your handicap. You get one by joining a league which has GHIN posting privileges. In Sun Lakes, any of the men’s or women’s leagues will do (and you can join solely to get GHIN access).

When do I have to renew my league membership?

By December 15 each year.

How are the tables assigned in the restaurant?

The computer randomly assigns teams to tables. You have an equal chance of going last as going first to the buffet.

Why is closest to the pin called a "KP"?

It's a throwback to the days when you were expected to know it was purposely done grammatically incorrect. It's like "OK" which comes from the purposely misspelled "oll korrect". Unfortunately, these days, misspellings on purpose are hard to distinguish from normal bad grammar.