Oakville Home Evaluation

Oakville Home Evaluation

Your Oakville Home is beautiful. You love this place. You have meticulously taken care of this house for a long time. You have our landscaping just right, beautiful trees every where and it looks awesome. The inside of your home is just has amazing. Everything is decorated just right, the kitchen is inviting, the master bedroom wants to make you go in, shut the door and cozy up and the master bath, well... it's one that comes out of your dreams. You feel really good about your home. 

However, the time has come for you to part with this home. It makes you a bit sad but you know its the right thing to do. The market is hot, you bought your home a while back so, the gain on the sale of your home will be appeasing to your nest egg and you feel ready. You know you have to do this. So, you are on the hunt for the perfect Oakville Home Evaluation.

You want a team that will represent you and market your house, yet you want to deal with mainly one agent. You want this person to be connected to an amazing team but you also want this person to be a one man gang as far as having the knowledge on his or her own to represent you and your best interest to the fullest.

You have been looking for this person for a bit now without success. You are starting to question whether this 'perfect' agent really exists because you have interviewed several but no one actually really resonated with you. Well, today is your lucky day!

Because the Oakville Real Estate agent you are looking for is Chantal Ross. She and her team are everything we discussed above and so much more. This is the very reason they were voted Oakville's #1 Real Estate Team. They are strong together and individually. They have your best interest at heart and have demonstrated a fierce set of skills to negotiate and get you the very best sale price.

And for a limited time, they are offering the Evaluation of your Home services absolutely FREE of charge to you. They will meet with you, listen to your needs and give you a full Home Evaluation for FREE. This is exactly what you need. You have everything to gain and zero to lose.

Give them a call today to set up your appointment.

905-339-7537 or info@freehomeevaluation.biz