60th Anniversary Programs

The Oakridge Optimist Club was chartered in May 1957 and has served the youth of our community ever since.  Today we have a membership of 45 community minded people who operate several large and small fundraising initiatives in order to give back to the youth of our community by operating or supporting initiatives in the areas of health, recreation, education and safety.

This is a special year as Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial and our club reaches a 60-year anniversary milestone.  The club has approved a capital project that will see an infusion of about $65,000.00 into parks in the Oakridge area.  These improvements are:

The installation of hydro to the baseball diamond at Hazelden Park on Hyde Park Road, which is the home of some of our baseball committee’s Rookie Ball games.  The use of hydro to operate the pitching machine will eliminate the need to use noisy and bulky gasoline generators.

The improvement of the soccer mini pitches at West Oak Park on Valetta Street will make for a safer field of play for our soccer committee’s younger players.  There will also be an addition of some passive equipment including a bench and some trees in the park.

Oakridge Optimist Community Park will receive the installation of a cement pad with a metal gazebo on the upper level near the playground equipment and the current splash pad.  This will provide a level surface for parents pushing children in strollers and persons using wheelchairs or other devices while enjoying the park.  This will also provide some much-needed shade for all of the families using this area of the park.

Oakridge Optimist Community Park will also benefit from the installation of a flagpole and some hardscape near the entrance that will mark the anniversary years of the club and Canada.  The flagpole will proudly fly the Canadian flag.

We are confident that all of these improvements will be completed this summer in time for a celebration in the park on June 24th.  It should be noted that these improvements will be made with the much-appreciated help of the City of London Parks Department but they will be fully funded by our club through our fundraising efforts.