Pet Safety

To everyone in the Oak Orchard region who owns a pet or has actually seen a pet, this is for you! (OK, that should cover everybody!) Our pets are a vital part of our families and their safety is a responsibility we shouldn’t take too lightly. Whether you’re a cat or dog person, or possibly a horse or bird enthusiast, we all understand how important they are to our happiness.

The Oak Orchard neighborhood is unique in that we consist of year round residents, snowbirds and visitors. This is why it’s so important to have a Lost & Found program for pets. On any given day, pets break away and are spotted roaming the area. I urge every pet owner to take precaution and register your pet by emailing a photo of your pet along with their name and your contact information for us to keep on file. We started the pet registration program 2 years ago and it has been invaluable when pets come up missing to spread the message to our members, accompanied with a photo. Unfortunately, we find strays that aren’t in our database so it makes the process a bit more challenging. Nevertheless, we make every attempt to email our members so we can locate the owners. We urge marina and property managers who have a steady stream of guests with pets to keep inventory of their pets as they are more susceptible from being lost in unfamiliar territory.

Since I acquired my canine pal, I’ve been ever so vigilant about pet safety. We live in an agricultural district that regularly uses chemicals to control pests and disease from attacking their crops. And, several neighbors use fertilizers to enhance their lawns. Please realize that your pet’s exposure to these chemicals can be devastating. I spoke to my vet last year about a few cases of dogs I knew that had seizures “out of the blue”, one fatal. He assured me that exposure to the agricultural or lawn chemicals would cause seizures in pets. I’m not suggesting that this was the case, but it certainly is something to consider, which is so easily preventable.

So, let’s remind ourselves and our children to keep a safe distance from areas that use these chemicals and when you see the little flags in neighbors’ yards that specifically warn us to keep pets and children off, believe them! It could save a costly trip to the vet and prevent a lot of heartache!

Submitted by Lynne Menz (and new Dog Person)