Pet Registration

The Oak Orchard Neighborhood Association is concerned with pet safety and controlling the ferrell cat population. It is our intent to keep a database of pets and their owners to help insure their safety. It is important to pet owners that the registry is NOT made public in order to protect your privacy and your pet from "kidnappers".  
Lost & Found
Register your pet with OONA by emailing a photo with your pet's name, your name and contact information to We will upload your photo to our Pet Registry album that OONA members can access. In the event you find a stray, simply use the pet registry to contact the pet owners. In the event your pet becomes missing, email us your alert and we will post to the OONA members.
Cat Population Control
Anyone who has lived in or visted the Point Breeze area is probably aware of the stray cat population. Employees of the Black North Inn and neighbors have made successful attempts in the past to capture the strays, get them neutered or spayed and locate a loving home for them. As you can imagine, the expense of this project can be quite costly.
It is the intent of some OONA members to continue this project and work closely with our local PAWS chapter. If you are interested in supporting this cause, email Please consider adopting a Black North Cat as they can become wonderful pets (just ask our Poster Cat, "Thumbs" (right)).