Winter League 2019-Final Results

05/28:  Final Standings of Winter 2019 1:30pm League: Standings
                       Team           Won  Lost  Team Handicap
        1st Place:  4 Tops             31    9     160 Playoff
        2nd Place:  Alley Oops         27   13     205 Playoff
        3rd Place:  Pocket Hits        21   19     276 Playoff
        4th Place:  Strikers           16   24     288
        5th Place:  Wii Four           13.5 26.5   319
        6th Place:  Wild Turkeys       11.5 28.5   353

05/21:  Final Standings of Winter 2019 3:15pm League: Standings
                       Team           Won  Lost  Team Handicap
        1st Place:  Strike Outs        27.5 12.5   188 Playoff
        2nd Place:  Wii Power          27   13     215 Playoff
        3rd Place:  High Rollers       21   19     251 Playoff
        4th Place:  Strikes & Spares   20   20     247
        5th Place:  Pin Heads          15.5 24.5   428
        6th Place:  King Pins           9   31     313
1:30pm League:
*$25 each:    1st Place: 4 Tops: Peggy Ensley, Alicia Panizo, Joanne Abrams,
Trophy:                          Robin Schudel (Capt).
*$25:               Men: High Game: Gordon Freedman 299.
$25 check:             Women: High Game: Joanne Abrams 300.

Ribbons:            Men: Most Improved Avg: Gordon Freedman 30 pins.
                  Women: Most Improved Avg: June Dismuke 20 pins.
3:15pm League:
$25 each:   1st Place: Strike Outs: Joanne Abrams, Nicole Reed (Capt).

**$25 each                            Marie Haverson, Ray Haverson.
$25 check:          Men: High Game: Ray Haverson 279.
$25 check:        Women: High Game: Joanne Abrams 300.
Ribbons:            Men: Most Improved Avg: Tom Gibbons 26 pins.
                  Women: Most Improved Avg: Diane Price 29 pins.

* Toward Fall League.
** Toward Fall League.

Ribbons:          Men: High Game: 1:30pm Al Bentham 198.
                Women: High Game: 1:30pm Nicole Reed 247.
Ribbons:          Men: High Game: 3:15pm Terry Leuthner 232.
                Women: High Game: 3:15pm Sandy Osheroff 290.

Subs: Played at least 6 games.

Ribbons:          Men: Most Improved Avg: 1:30pm None.
                Women: Most Improved Avg: 1:30pm Fran Lazzarini 6 pins.
Ribbons:          Men: Most Improved Avg: 3:15pm None.
                Women: Most Improved Avg: 3:15pm Sandy Osheroff 16 pins.
06/4:   Winter League 2019 Championship Playoff. 3-3:00pm.
        Top 3 teams of 1:30pm League play top 3 teams of 3:15pm League.
        Each team bowls 3 games and the Team with the highest total pins
        (with team handicap) wins the Championship. If a Team Member is
        absent, a substitute may bowl in place of the Team Member; however,
        the substitute score does not count. The Team Members average minus
        10 points will be used to calculate the total pins. If there is a
        tie, team with the lowest team handicap wins.
                      Championship Playoff Schedule
        1st Place - 1:30pm League   4 Tops             Lane #1
        1st Place - 3:15pm League   Strike Outs        Lane #2
        2nd Place - 1:30pm League   Alley Oops         Lane #3
        2nd Place - 3:15pm League   Wii Power          Lane #4
        3rd Place - 1:30pm League   Pocket Hits        Lane #5
        3rd Place - 3:15pm League   High Rollers       Lane #6
        4:15pm Meeting - Award Presentations and Summer League 2019 Signups.
                Results: 6/4/19 Winter League Team Championship Tournament.

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           Team            Sub Total  Team Handicap  Total Pins
1st Place: Wii Power         2639         645          3294
2nd Place: Strike Outs       2620         564          3184
3rd Place: 4 Tops            2700         480          3180
4th Place: Alley Oops        2523         615          3138
5th Place: High Rollers      2348         753          3101
6th Place: Pocket Hits       2252         828          3080
Team Champions: Wii Power, Maurine Bennett, Vickie Jackanich,
                           Barbara Koch, Judy Lawrence (Capt).

$25 each toward Summer League.

Team "Wii Power" gets their name engraved on the Team Championship Trophy.

                Congratulations, Wii Power