Membership is limited to Oakmont Residents only.
          Membership is based on a 10 week tournament. We have three tournaments per year:
          Winter, Summer and Fall. Each tournament costs $25.00, that's only $2.50 per week.
          We use that money to pay for the monthly BBQ's, cookies and coffee while we bowl,
          tournament awards presented to bowlers at the completion of each tournament and
          to pay-off all the Nintendo Wii stations and projectors that were supplied  to us from
          Scott Harris, "Oakmont Financial" located in the Poppy Community Bank in Oakmont.
          A Substitute pays $2.00 when he/she bowls for a team bowler.
          At the end of each tournament, we have a meeting to signup bowlers for the next
          tournament. At that time each bowler pays the $25.00 membership fee.
          Contact Terry Leuthner or Diane Price for more information or to signup. Please
          come by the East Recreation Center on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30pm to 4:30pm
          to see our bowlers in action, see Schedule/Standings for bowling times.