Cookie / Teardown 3:15pm

                            WII BOWLING
                          FALL LEAGUE 2017
                            3:15pm TEAMS

WEEK     DATE     TEAM #    TEAM NAME          CAPTAIN         NOTES

  1      5-Sep      6       Strike Outs        Nicole Reed     Labor Day Challenge.

  2     12-Sep      1       King Pins          Barbara Ford

  3     19-Sep      2       High Rollers       Shirley Jamison New Home: East Rec Center

        26-Sep    No Bowling - 4th Tuesday.

         3-Oct    No Bowling - Scheduling Conflict.

        10-Oct    No Bowling - Santa Rosa Fire, Oakmont Evacuated.

      17-Oct    No Bowling - Santa Rosa Fire, Oakmont Evacuated.

        24-Oct    No Bowling - East Rec Center Smoke Damage.

  4     31-Oct      5       Wii Power          Judy Lawrence   Halloween Challenge.

  5      7-Nov      6       Strike Outs        Nicole Reed     Veterans Day Challenge.
                                                               Pizza Lunch: 1-3pm.

  6     14-Nov      1       King Pins          Barbara Ford   

  7     21-Nov      2       High Rollers       Shirley Jamison Thanksgiving Challenge.

        28-Nov    No Bowling - 4th Tuesday.

  8      5-Dec      3       Pin Heads          Debbie Miller  

         8-Dec    Christmas Party.             1-3pm Berger Center.

        12-Dec    PLAYOFFS - Fall League.      Provided by League.

                All team captains are responsible to get together with their team members and share
                in bringing cookies. A total of 48 cookies seems to be the magic number.