Cookie / Setup 1:30pm

                            WII BOWLING
                          SUMMER LEAGUE 2018
                            1:30pm TEAMS

WEEK     DATE     TEAM #    TEAM NAME          CAPTAIN         NOTES

  1      1-May      2       4 Tops             Robin Schudel

  2      8-May      3       Wild Turkeys       Juan Fuentes    Cinco de Mayo Lunch

  3     15-May      4       Wii Four           Gordon Freedman

        22-May    No Bowling - 4th Tuesday.

  4     29-May      5       Pocket Hits        Sandy Osheroff  Memorial Day Challenge

  5      5-Jun              Supplied by Club                   1 - 3pm: Pizza Lunch

  6     12-Jun              Supplied by Club

  7     19-Jun              Supplied by Club

        26-Jun    No Bowling - 4th Tuesday.

  8      3-Jul      6       Alley Oops         CharlieEnsley   July 4th/Pizza Lunch

  9     10-Jul      1       Strikers           Terry Leuthner

 10     17-Jul      2       4 Tops             Robin Schudel

        24-Jul    No Bowling - 4th Tuesday.

        31-Jul    PLAYOFFS - Summer League.    Provided by league.
                                               Last day at East Rec.
                All team captains are responsible to get together with their team members and share
                in bringing cookies. A total of 48 cookies seems to be the magic number.