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"To support the study of family genealogy by Oakmont residents"

Welcome to the Oakmont Genealogy Club 

Description of the Club

The Oakmont Genealogy Club is designed for any Oakmont resident who is interested in exploring family genealogy - whether you have years of experience or just want to get started.  Our meetings are held monthly, and will include both a general presentation of interest and breakout sessions so participants can focus on an area of greatest interest.  Most meetings include a discussion group for new researchers.

We meet the fourth Monday of each month at 1:00 in the West Recreation Center.  


Our Next Meeting is MONDAY,  September 24, in the

WEST Recreation Center at 1 PM

Finding the Lost Children

The next meeting of the Genealogy Club is on Monday Sept 24, at 1:00 in the West Rec. The program will be “Finding the Lost Children”, with ideas on how to find people that appear in one census but then disappear in any further searches.

A common problem as we research families comes when we find what appears to be a new family member, but there just isn’t any continuing information on that person.  A daughter may appear in the 1860 census age 5 and the 1870 census age 15 and then she disappears.  Is she dead?  Did she marry?  Has she moved away?

This meeting will focus on the many ways we can track people when they disappear.