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"To support the study of family genealogy by Oakmont residents"

Welcome to the Oakmont Genealogy Club 

Description of the Club

The Oakmont Genealogy Club is designed for any Oakmont resident who is interested in exploring family genealogy - whether you have years of experience or just want to get started.  Our meetings are held monthly, and will include both a general presentation of interest and breakout sessions so participants can focus on an area of greatest interest.  Most meetings include a discussion group for new researchers.

We meet the fourth Monday of each month at 1:00 in the West Recreation Center.  


Our Next Meeting is MONDAY,  March 25, 2019, in the

WEST Recreation Center at 1 PM

Finding “Waldo” at Ellis Island


Our speaker for this meeting will be Joel Weintraub.  Joel is a popular speaker on immigration during the Ellis Island period, and is best known as Steve Morse’s partner in their fabulous website Stevemorse.org.

 Joel will talk about strategies for finding your ancestor in the Ellis Island records when you’re having serious problems – even after using the stevemorse.org website!

 Bring your experiences and questions.  Joel will also be able to answer questions about immigration through other ports, through Canada, and in earlier periods of the 19th Century.

 Joel’s handout is available on our website.


  • We’ll be hosting Joel for lunch at the Quail Inn at 11:30.  Let me know (georgemck@aol.com) if you’d like to join us.


 Our next meeting will be MONDAY, April 22, 2019 in the West Recreation Center at 1 PM.

This meeting will be a “show and tell” meeting.  Plan on bringing one of favorite family heirlooms and share a 5 minute story about what it is, why it’s important, and how you obtained it.  I’m planning to bring my great-grandfather’s “railroad watch”, which was a pocketwatch typically worn with a chain to attach it firmly to one’s pants.

 Advance notice:  There will be no May meeting (it would be on Memorial Day), and our June 24 meeting will be a presentation on Eastern European Jewish emigration.