Cages & Glider Stuff

As any glider enthusiast will tell you, the longer you own sugar gliders, the more stuff you accumulate for them!

My Cages:

This is a huge K&D cage (PVC coated wire). It measures 4'x2'x5'

 This is a large K&D cage. It measures 2'x2'x5'

 This is one of my joey cages. I built it with the help of my very handy dad. It measures 2'x2'x3' and is made out of vinyl hardware cloth, pvc pipe, and zip-ties. The doors are made from large plastic storage bins. They are large enough to fit a custom cruiser through!
 This is one of my travel cages. It is a pop-up dog kennel and my dad and I built a pvc frame that adds stability. The frame also doubles as a good climbing tree and place to hang toys and pouches from.

These are my "standard" cages. I have two that currently house the Trio and Bagheera &Baloo. You can purchase these cages on Ebay for $92 including shipping. They are not entirely study, so you must zip-tie the smaller doors shut, make sure there are no large gaps in the bars, and secure the larger doors with clips when you are not using them. They are, however, a great cage for the price!
Cage measures 30"x18"x59"


Random Stuff:
Here are some cool pouches and other glider things that I have made or bought.

This is rope made from fleece! It is really conveinent to use in cages, and glider's nails wont get stuck in it! I made this using the cording technique.
 This is a cage set that I made... the object in my hand is a tunnel made only of fleece. The design allows it to stay open.

 These are just a few of the cage sets that I have made.

 This is a triangle pouch that my mom made! she saw the ones that I had purchased and designed one of her own :) Now only if I could get her to make a few more...