Welcome Back

posted Aug 14, 2016, 9:25 AM by F Simmons   [ updated Aug 11, 2017, 12:51 PM ]

...and welcome to the seventh grade!  I look forward to being your teacher, and I know we will learn a lot together.

Student Supply List – Language Arts

SUPPLIES CHECK IS 8/19/2017   +25 Bonus points if you have all items

1.      Colored Pencils (at least 12; more if you love to draw & decorate)

2.      Composition books (4) for daily work and notetaking

3.      Eraser caps for pencils – your choice of color and number – you will need LOTS of these.

4.      Folders with Pocket and Prongs (4) – any color, but sturdy!

5.      Highlighters (Pack with blue, green, yellow, pink) 
        << We use these all year to code paragraph structure>>

6.      Index cards – 1 pack large, 1 pack small

7.      Markers – Your choice of color and number; for making posters and projects

8.      Paper (College rule, 4 packs)

9.      Pencil pouch or sturdy supply box

10.  Pencils (2-3 large packages recommended)

11.  Pens for checking work - Red and blue  (3 of each)

12.  Poster Boards (White) - 4

 ·         A FREE planner is provided by OLJH.  $5 to replace during school year (media center).

·         Please send $5 in the first week for a combination lock.

·         When buying paper, pencil, and eraser caps, please remember:   this needs to be enough for the entire year – 180 days of instruction!!  I highly suggest buying as many as you can while they are on sale.

Students will need loose leaf paper and pencils all year long. Please be sure to stock up while the prices are low. Right around February we start to see students running out of paper and borrowing pencils daily. Please keep these items stocked to ensure your child's academic success!

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