Special events

The Library will be closed for repairs, Friday Sept. 11 and Tues.Sept. 14.

Bees and Blossoms

The Oakland Public Library will host Matt Scott the “Backyard Beekeeper” who will present a special slide show program and lecture on bee botany, wildflowers and why bee colonies are in decline. The program will be presented on Tuesday Sept. 29th at 6pm.

Matt is a retired aquatics biologist for the State of Maine and has been a beekeeper for over 50 years. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Maine, is co-founder of the Maine Beekeepers Association and was awarded Bee Keeper of the Year in 1986.

He has traveled the state lecturing on the many aspects of beekeeping and clearly understands the connection and value of the Maine state insect to Maine agriculture, associated wildlife and the environment.

Oakland Public Library, 18 Church St. Oakland, 465-7533


During regular library hours.