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About NCPC 'NAGs' 
We currently have (1) active "Neighborhood Action Groups" to join, to help improve our community:

     N4RJ: neighbors4racialjustice@gmail.com

There are others in abeyance, waiting to be revitalized; what interests you

Crime & Safety
Economic Development

What do you think needs to be improved, or to be changed? What issues on the listserves get you going? Join us, and let's "git 'er done" together! Read more about our NCPC on the 'About Us' tab, above...

N4RJ: Neighbors for Racial Justice
We are a group of 22X residents who came together three years ago to educate and challenge ourselves and each other about the use of racial profiling in our institutions; by our police; on our listserves; and in our own behaviors. We seek to make our neighborhood safer for people of color and for everyone, by undoing racial profiling in our area.
Both our first and second free, facilitated screenings of the World Trust film 'Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity' "filled the house"!  Please visit our site:
www.neighborsforracialjustice.org/ for news of the next opportunity to see this important film and to hold these important discussions with your friends, families, and neighbors! 

22x Quarterly Meetings:
Thurs. 17 November
 7pm Dimond Branch Library  

Please add these dates to your calendar and plan to join us... Remember: BRING A NEIGHBOR!!!


      click here for what we learned...
          22x NCPC Privacy Statement        

22x 2015 Priorities:  
At our first Quarterly Meeting in Feb. of 2015, we voted on and approved the following top 3 priorities for this NCPC to work on with OPD for the year: 

#1Reduce residential burglaries by 25%, from the 2014 rate

#2 - Reduce robberies by 25% from the 2014 rate

#3 - Form a Traffic calming /enforcement committee to work w/OPD Traffic Division