Oakisle Beaded Show Leashes
        • Create your own leash with a custom design! Decide on leather colour(s), bead design, length, snap or loop, handle or fringe finish. 
        • Kangaroo Leather (starting at $50 CAD, additional charge for metallics, 6 strand & designer beads)
          • 4 - 6 Strands braided over core with leather that is bevelled, conditioned, stretched & rolled
          • Beads: 5 - 7 beads knotted into place
  • Collars (4 or 6 strand): 2 ring slip collars of braided Kangaroo Leather  or may be combined into a slip lead
  • Order by E-mail: oakisle@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger (Bobbie Tucker)
  • Pay by e-transfer or Paypal
  • Visit us on Facebook @OakisleBeadedShowLeashes 
Instagram: oakisleshowleashes 

                    Delicious red, white & silver 36" Kangaroo leather


                           Aqua, bronze & brandy 36" Kangaroo Leather


            Purple, black, gold & purple shimmer 36" Kangaroo Leather


   White, shimmer pink & grey 48" Kangaroo Leather with iridescent beads

           White, whiskey, silver & saddle tan 36" Kangaroo Leather with agate focal bead

                Silver & white 36" Kangaroo Leather with loop & handle
                                                     Sparkle plenty!


               Bronze & black 36" Kangaroo Leather with loop and handle
                    Gordon Tartan inspired Kangaroo Leather 36" 6 strand 
                                          with Scottish Thistle Charm


                   Kangaroo Leather 36" whiskey, gold & silver with handle & loop


           Kangaroo Leather 36" gold, white, tan & whiskey, loop & handle

                        Kangaroo Leather 36" black with purple accent

Kangaroo Leather collar with sliding rings & covering knots, black with whiskey accent
Kangaroo Leather 27" black with pink accent, 6 strand with covering knots

Kangaroo Leather 38" plus slip collar with flat braid throat piece
                                    Soft pink, silver & white
Kangaroo Leather 36" plus slip collar with flat braid throat piece & fringe finish
                                      Caribbean blue, silver & white 
                             Kangaroo Leather 25 1/2" black including snap & handle