About Us  

We acquired our first Irish Setter, "Riley" in 1974 in the heyday of Irish Setter popularity. One dog lead to another and before we knew it, we were heading for the country with four Irish in tow to an acreage near Iles des Chenes, Manitoba, Canada; hence the kennel name "Oakisle" (from the French). We are currently located near Oakbank, Manitoba.

Our interests included conformation showing, obedience and dog sledding. We have bred several litters over the years, beginning in 1980.

After being long-time Irish Setter enthusiasts, in 2005 we decided to venture into the world of the Gordon Setter with the addition of "Flora", CH Sassenach Caisteal A Tor. Our current dog activities are mainly conformation showing, rally obedience and enjoying our dogs as companions, as well as Gary's drawings. "Oakisle Beaded Show Leashes" is a recently added hobby.