Brewery History

The Oak Brewery is a pico brewery located just outside Brussels, in Tervuren. Started 8 years ago by two beer geeks, it has resumed activity in 2012 after quite some years of slacking.


2014-06    First Keg, Quercus #5 is ready for tasting during the Soccer World Cup
2014-03    Busy month, Mammuth #4, Quercus #4, and The Lads #2 are brewed.
2014-01    Moved to the new brewhouse (a.k.a. Brewhouse 2.0). Lots of cool things happening.


2013-07    It's been a year already! The second batch of our seasonal Fruity Wheat Ale La Papale is brewed.
2013-06    The first batch of our Double/Imperial IPA is brewed. Welcome to The Lads!
2013-03    Batch 3 of Mammuth is brewed
2013-01    Brewing the first batch of our Irish Dry Stout - McManus -  Saint Patrick's day will be celebrated the way it should!


2012-11    Time for the first batch of our Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer - X-MOS
2012-10    Batch 2 of Quercus is brewed
2012-10    Our shoot out beer to our good friend Vincent Vanasch is brewed, for the first time, with fresh blackberries (almost late for the season) - La Papale
2012-09    It's about time to prepare for Halloween - Brewing the first batch of our pumpkin beer, the Ale-O-Ween
2012-06    Fine tuning the first batch of Mammuth - #2 is on
2012-06    First batch of Quercus is brewed. Witbier for summer time
2012-04    Resuming activity after 8 years and going all grain. First batch of Mammuth is brewed


2004-10    First two batches of Kuike Ambrée brewed using malt extract