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The Oadby Civic Society endeavours to promote high standards of planning & development in Oadby, encourage the preservation of historic buildings & features in the area, and foster a sense of civic pride in our “village”. We also regularly hold meetings for members in connection with local affairs and items of general interest. OCS in a non-political organisation.

Learn more about the Society in the next pages, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We warmly welcome and are actively recruiting for new members who have the interests of the Society at heart.

IMAGE ABOVE: Sometime in the late 1990s the Society conceived the idea of the redesign of this site, Burton's Corner, as a tribute to the Millenium. However due to delays in planning, work did not start until 2001 and completion occurred in late 2002 as the Society's gift to Oadby. The garden design was created by the Botanical Gardens' Staff and the sculpture was the work of Mr Alan Greenwood of Oadby Wrought Iron works. The cost was borne by the Oadby Village Hall Trust & County Council Shires Funds, together with a number of businesses based in Oadby.