You will below addresses/maps of various common locations where we play/practice soccer. Note that the actual current locations can be found under "Practice and Game Corner".
Game Fields

There will be many game fields (half the games are played "away").  "Home" games will generally be played at Payne Elementary.
Name: Payne Elementary
3750 Gleason Ave., San Jose, CA 95130

Practice Fields

Name: Easterbrook Discovery School - EDS
Address: 4835 Doyle Road, San Jose

Name: Calabazas Park (Winter Field)
Address: Rainbow Dr and S Blaney Ave, 
San Jose, CA 95129

Name: Mise Park (Winter usually)
Address: 594 Park Meadow Dr, San Jose, CA 95129

Other Useful Addresses:

Off The Wall Soccer
700 Mathew Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050-2949

Cubberley Gym (Futsal)

Prospect High School (Scrimmages, Tryouts, Clinics)