Practice and Game Corner

West Valley Olympic America 02 is a year-around program, meaning there is always soccer on the agenda. We also understand, especially at a young age, that kids are exploring a variety of other activities, and we try our best to accommodate for this. Note that the Fall season is the "true" soccer season, hence this is the season where players are expected to prioritize soccer very high.
Practice Corner

Practices will be held several times a week: days, times, and locations will vary during the year, with the current information updated on main page.

What to Expect:
The team is coached by volunteer licensed coaches and paid trainers. Weekly drills will be used to work on all aspects of soccer.

Players/Parent Responsibilities:
- Players (and volunteer parents as needed) are expected to come to all practices and be punctual (this actually means all players should be ready on the field at least 5mns prior to start time).
- Players should be wearing the practice shirt, shin guards, and cleats. Each player is also required to bring a soccer ball (size 4).
- Make sure each player has enough water for the duration of practice. It is also important that each player carries appropriate extra clothing based on the season.

Weekly homework will be assigned - this will range from watching soccer games on TV/Computer to specific drills.
Game Corner

-  The team will be playing in the Spring (starting April) and in the Fall (starting September) in leagues games (typically 8-10 games per season). This is also augmented with tournaments and indoor league during the Winter.

- Check the "Schedule/Availability" menu for up-to-date calendar. Note that times and locations are sometimes populated only one week ahead of time. It is the parents' responsibility to provide availability schedule weekly.

Players/Parent Responsibilities:
- Players (and volunteer parents as needed) are expected to come to all games and be present at least 30 mns prior to game time (45mn is the recommended time) [this is extremely important to warm up and set up teams].
- Players should be wearing the appropriate uniform (maroon for home games, white for away games), shinguards, and cleats, and always carry the other uniform with them.
- Parents should read the Parent Letter and Parent Pledge, and return the later signed to the team manager. 

Notes regarding snacks:

- Each week, a family is responsible for bringing snacks/water at the game. This ritual is very important to the kids as 1) they do need to stay hydrated, and 2) it makes the whole game experience a little more fun. The snack schedule is provided under "Schedule/Availability" - if you cannot provide snack on the designated day, try to swap with another player first, and if no solution found, contact team manager ( Some guidelines are posted below.
  • Drinks: we recommend to stick with plain water. A numbered water bottle has to be provided to each kid prior to kick-off
  • End-of-game snacks: clearly there is more freedom there as it is the kids' reward ^_^. But as usual, think healthy as much as possible.
  • Allergies: check with the coaches at the start of the season regarding potential allergies.