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League News

Young Team Meeting: 11/9/2011
The meeting focused heavily on refining items discussed at the prior meeting: tryout, Winter clinics...
Of interest to us:
1. We need volunteers to help with running tryouts.
2. West Valley will be adding quite a few new teams during the Spring, so momentum is good for WV.
3. Starting in the Spring, WV will have new uniform (Adidas) - unless someone outgrows their current uniform, we will keep ours for one more season (usually, uniforms are set to last for 2 to 3 years).
4. WV needs volunteers on the board and with helping in a variety of other functions: this is a great way to get involved.

Young Team Meeting: 10/12/2011
  1. Try-outs are approaching: Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 2011
    • The try-outs will be based on iSoccer elements + scrimmages: we will need about 5 volunteers per team to help out (when details are finalized we will ask for names - 1628 forms will need to be completed). Also, we may enforce players to participate in the try-out (league is currently highly recommending it).
  2. Coaches' Training:
    • During the off-season, coaches will most likely be going through PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance), and First Aid/CPR training. All of this is to make sure your kids are offered an appropriate and safe environment to practice soccer.
    • We are also looking at upgrading our coach licenses.
  3. Winter season:
    • The league is planning on offering player development skill sessions (similar to the current goalkeeping clinic SebA and Zaki are attending). It will not be free, but cost should be low.
    • Right after those sessions, coaches will be doing pick-up games and get the kids to watch their coaches play. Interested parents may be able to join.
    • We may have access to lighted field for Winter practice, probably at a reduced cost: we will decide when we could go and practice.
    • Independently of the league efforts (listed above), we will consider indoor soccer league for the Winter: our plans for the Winter will be discussed soon with everyone.
  4. League evaluation of the teams:
    • As mentioned before, the league will evaluate all players based on iSoccer drills. Remember that this is a comp environment and that the league needs to make sure not only the coaches do their jobs well enough, but the players are at comp level.