Pitch #1: O5zero Start-Up Idea

"Organising the World's Human Resources"


= Economic exchange platform for principles-based virtual organisations

UBER for Organisations

The Business Model:
Taking a nano-cut of all salary payments processed by the platform

The Platform Technology:
Designed as smartphone-centric - providing transaction intelligence, interfacing with next-generation machine processing of knowledge worker tasks (accounting, legal, engineering etc.) 

Based on case study research from www.organization5point0.com 


Imagine a machine-learning enabled, economic exchange platform for i) existing organisational Intranets, ii) creating new virutal organisations, with the needs of:
  • intelligent, complex, real-time matching and coordinating of work tasks and human resources (beyond just outsourcing tasks/projects)
  • human interfacing with the emergence of machine automation of knowledge working tasks
  • balancing decentralised flexibility in decision making and central coordination of the overall organisation's objectives
  • access to naturally occuring data from voice-recognition / processing
  • virtualisation of real-world environments
Combining the concepts of:
  • "Uber"-type real-time human resource matching
  • "Hyperloop" - crowd equity expert contribution platforms
  • The "Internet of People" vision of the world
Vision of:
  • Allowing human resources to thrive in "New Business Model" (ref. Jan Jonker Toulouse Business School) environments
  • "Unemployment is an example symptom of our inefficiencies of our economic collaboration systems, matching supply and demand" 

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