Welcome to the beginning !

This is to introduce a newly formed organization dedicated  to getting the beautiful game ( SUBBUTEO ) established in New Zealand by connecting people all over the country and helping them to form clubs and leagues. We have align ourselves  with F.I.S.T.F  (  Federation International Sports Table Football ( F.I.S.T.F ) ) so we will also become an associate nation enabling the players to achieve world ranking point and also to compete at an international level, we have already had interest from Singapore. Another advantage is the new rules which speed the game up and actually improve it considerable, if you are not familiar with the new rules you can down load the official FISTF Rules English v4 26 June 2005.pdf from my download page. If you have any interest in getting involved in a club at any level then contact me with your details at  theg43@gmail.com

Also on this page are several links to some excellent
Subbuteo sights from sellers of equipment to collectors and clubs all over the world, and don't forget to check out the film The Hobby it is interesting to see how the game has progressed and pleasing to see the new upswings in players all over the world. By the way don't be put of by the strange beginning the film is not about falcons as it seems in the first few moments. Enjoy


Scoreboard 2.0 is a program with clock and scorekeeping capabilities that now can display up to 24 Scores at a time (all using the same clock). It was originally written for Subbuteo* matches when I decided a little kitchen timer just didn't seem to add much to the "feel" of the game. So this version is geared toward soccer (or hockey). The application may be freely used by anybody that finds it useful for individual matches, league play, or tournaments. Connect your computer to a projector and display all of your matches on a big screen.


Help N.Z.S.T.F.A to become a thriving organization we are currently putting together a database of players so we can help you all to hook up and play. We are looking for representative's from each area to help set up clubs and league. So what ever your interest, be it just playing  for fun, or playing competitively and gaining world ranking points, and even representing your country in internationals and  world cup events. So get in touch and help to get this going. Remember this is THE BEAUTIFUL GAME in more ways than one so lets Share it with everyone !

World Table Soccer