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What a Fabulous Waimea Club Meeting!

posted Jul 6, 2017, 5:27 PM by Nissa Elsey
What a fabulous meeting - members buzzed with energy and enthusiasm! The theme for the evening was "Our Future World" and the word for the night was "Conservation." What an amazing and talented group of members we have: all members spoke with passion and knowledge during our "off-the-cuff' session with table topics ranging from 'the benefits of trees' and 'is nuclear power our future?' to 'what difference can we make?' and 'saving our rivers and waterways'. Annett gave a passionate and inspirational speech about how every little bit that we can contribute to conservation now, will benefit all of us and our world in the future - everything from not buying processed foods and reducing the use of plastics to turning off lights and recycling everything that we can.

Come along to our next meeting and see what we do.  All Welcome.

Date:  Wednesday, 2nd August 2017.  Time:  7pm-9pm.  Venue:  360 Annesbrook Road, Stoke.  For more details, please Contact Us