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Queen recognizes POWERtalk member

posted Jan 13, 2016, 2:28 PM by Kleo Zois   [ updated Jan 13, 2016, 2:29 PM ]
Everyone in the POWERtalk world knew Hilary Brown was an amazing woman.  It's great news that Hilary has now been recognized by the Queen.

Since 1975, the Queen has recognized outstanding individuals for their voluntary service to the community with the Queens Service Medal.  
talk NZ Region are very lucky that one of our own was recognized for the QSM this year!  QSM Honours List 2016.  Hilary Brown's accomplishments in public speaking include being the first NZ International President, representing New Zealand in the World Speech Contest in Indianapolis.  Hilary is not only a high achieving member of POWERtalk, but is also a founding donor of the Geyser Community Foundation Taupo Fund, which contributes to a range of local causes in Taupo and Turangi.  

Hilary's leadership shaped the organization with work on the Master Manual and Short Course modules has been invaluable and she is an inspirational POWERtalk fellow, member, mentor and friend.  We are proud to acknowledge Hilary as a POWERtalk member and thrilled with the wider recognition of her contribution to the community and Public Speaking. Congratulations Hilary!