POWERtalk Matamata is all about boosting confidence and helping people gain those necessary speaking skills that are needed in everyday life. We get together every 3rd Monday evening at 5:30 at the Union Parish, Peria Road. 

 Learn how to increase your confidence in making presentations. How you deliver your message is as important as the content of the presentation.


We are a friendly club and we’re constantly learning aids for effective speech construction, vocal effectiveness, presence, gestures, technical and visual aids and lots lots more.


You are welcome to attend 3 meetings to see what we do. Please contact the below-mentioned people for further details.


Contact Details
Elaine Fraser        Email:
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Carolyn Hooton     Email:                         

Our Matamata Members
Below are some of our regular members. The names are links to their bio and some of their past speeches:
Kaleb Reid
George Littlewood
Patricia Littlewood
Kinsa Hays
Baldeep Singh
Jas Singh
Anna Stonell

News from NZ Region Conference 6 – 8 May 2016:

Matamata Club was awarded a

·        Membership Award Certificate

·        The Rose Bowl runner up 


In the Writing competition, Carolyn was Runner up for her story in the fiction section.

Well done all members.



Kaleb, who is a year 11 student at Matamata College and member of POWERtalk Matamata, has successfully applied for a place in the Youth Parliament and after several interviews has been selected to represent the Waikato Electorate.

Kaleb states that The Youth Parliament 2016 experience will be a great opportunity to learn first hand about New Zealand’s democracy, government decision making, and share the community's views.  He will hold the title of Youth MP for Waikato under Lindsay Tisch’s direction for six months, and have the opportunity to debate legislation, sit on select committees and ask oral parliamentary questions of Ministers at the Beehive in Wellington. 

Replicating the real parliament as closely as possible, Youth MPs are provided training prior to taking up their role and while in attendance at Parliament, will debate a mock Bill in the House and discuss Select Committee topics.

Kaleb has been honing his skills in speech presentation and the Club is looking forward to his participation over the next few months in debates and impromptu speaking to enable him to skilfully handle the opposition and successfully represent the Waikato.