POWERtalk Matamata
is all about boosting confidence and helping people gain those necessary speaking skills that are needed
in everyday life. We get together
every 3rd Monday evening at 5:30
at the Union Parish, Peria Road.
Next meeting is July 2, followed by
July 23 . 

 Learn how to increase your confidence in making presentations. How you deliver your message is as important as the content of the presentation.


We are a friendly club and we’re constantly learning aids for effective speech construction, vocal effectiveness, presence, gestures, technical and visual aids and lots lots more.


You are welcome to attend 3 meetings to see what we do. Please contact the below-mentioned people for further details.


Contact Details
Elaine Fraser        Email:
Mary Cobham       Email: 


25 years apiece....

Both Mary and Elaine have recently celebrated 
25- years with PowerTalk NZ and received certificates for the years of contribution to 
the local Matamata Club and to NZ region. 

Our Matamata Members
Below are some of our regular members. 
George Littlewood
Patricia Littlewood
Mikayla Reid
Congrats Mary!!!!

At the recent Australia and New Zealand PowerTalk conference held in Nelson, our very own Mary won Person Of The Year for NZ. 

What a magnificant achievement Mary, who is involved with many many clubs in and around Matamata. Well done Mary. 


Mikayla Reid
(winner of PowerTalk Matamata's annual Speech Contest)

Congrats Mikayla. Mikayla's speech titled 
Does Love at First Sight Exist
was judged the best speech by our three judges (thank you Lois Allen, Belinda Rowson and Katrina Maguire). 

Mikayla represented our club at the NZ/ 
Australia Conference in Nelson recentlyWe've certainly noticed Mikayla's confidence grow, and Mikayla did a fantastic job at the 
NZ Speech Competitions. 

Congrats also to our runner up,
Christina Phillips,
who's speech Black Cats was entertaining, particularly as Christina looked like a black cat

The other speech contestants also presented well and were very educational and the scoring showed that it was no easy decision
to pick the winner. 


Mikayla waiting for her turn for her speech presentation at the Nelson conference