Welcome to POWERtalk New Zealand - a network of not-for-profit clubs providing coaching in effective speaking and presentation skills.

POWERtalk International is a self-development organisation providing coaching in effective speaking, listening and leadership skills.

At each meeting, members aim to complete a practical assignment centred on a personalised program which is tailored to your individual communication goals. 
The internationally recognised Master Manual will guide you through 5 levels of accreditation

Individual mentoring and safe honest feedback creates constant improvement. 

Short courses or individual assistance available from internationally recognised orators can help you prepare for key events such as wedding speeches or parliamentary speeches.  Contact us on 0800 481 482 or find your closest New Zealand club!

Upcoming Events

Mark 4, 5 & 6 May 2018 in your calendar for the not to be missed POWERtalk Australian & NZ Combined Conference in Nelson!