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The POWERtalk International Accreditation Programme is voluntary but it serves as a record of achievement for those who undertake it. It consists of five course programme and on completion of each level the member is entitled to use the relevant post-nominal designation.

Projects to be undertaken are included in the master manual that is available for free on the POWERtalk International website. While participants will normally enter at Level One and proceed sequentially through the program, they may elect to change the order in which they present some assignments. Those who do not meet the required standards for each assignment may expect to have to repeat until a satisfactory degree of excellence is attained.

While participants may choose to complete only selected portions of the program, formal recognition will be given only to members who satisfactorily complete the requirements as follows:

Level 1: Effective Communicator (EC)
Level 2: Proficient Communicator (PC)
Level 3: Skilled Communicator (SC)
Level 4: Accomplished Communicator (AC)
Level 5: Distinguished Communicator (DC)

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