Hello and Welcome the the (New Zealand) Radio Control Aeromodellers Web Directory (now that that mouthful is over...! lol) I like to think of these pages as my online favourites, basically the "Go to" place to find anything RC Plane, Glider or Helicopter related. Please check out the links below and I hope this speeds you to finding what you need as it does for me.

Background: Over my years of flying and building from time to time I have found the need to find various spare parts, building materials or even new gear to assemble models - hints & building tips. Being moderately handy with the Internet I have wasted (and still do, ask my long suffering wife!) many good building hours searching to find useful websites and online shops. Above are URL links to pages containing Model shops, websites, photos & videos, building tips you name it from New Zealand and Overseas. I’ll try and group them based on Geographic location though its not always possible. If you have other links to your own local model shops or favourite Overseas websites, please feel free to email me links at the email address below and I’ll add them in as I get chance. Pass the word around amongst your flying mates as this website relies on word of mouth, lets try and support our local model shops so they don’t disappear! Some overseas manufacturers do sell direct from their websites, however check with our local sites first as from time to time they do stock orders from these same suppliers

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Model shops and websites – YET!!! I need reader responses to let me know if I'm missing some good links, other sites or shops in your area that I can add to this site to make this the best site for finding anything RC Aero-modelling in New Zealand.
    Think of the time you’ll save if you don’t have to crawl through the endless depths of the net, just to find out there is a shop a few kilometres down the road with just the parts you need – or better still, one that will deliver nationwide the next day with minimal fuss! This site is constantly evolving, I chat online frequently at http://www.rcsoaringcommunities.co.nz under the name flyingtime. Please if you have any links you would like to see added or coments on the site feel free to contact me either on the forum or at the site's email address NZRCaeromodellerwebdir@gmail.com

Comments, feedback and suggestions for new links are most welcome and I need some reviews and comments about shops in other locations in New Zealand.


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