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NZ Altitude Record Application

Please print  the PDF record application and check-list attached as files below in Word and PDF format. 

The claim form should be filled out in advance before the launch. 

Check and note down the previous record altitude

Contact your witnesses in advance and check that they are paid up members and will view the flight and follow you to the landing site to verify the altimeter altitude beeps or LCD display.  

Any launch fees must be paid prior to launch (E through N flights, and experimental only).  

The launch attempt must be legal, ie must not have breached any legislative or  safety code requirements. 

Check the NZRA Safety Code Here

A certified motor must be used, except when claiming in the ‘experimental’ category.   

Stable flight must be achieved and recovery device must deploy for a safe descent.

A safe descent rate is 20-15fps. Higher than this can result in the claim being disallowed.

Rocket must land intact and be capable of flying again. 

No components can be ejected during flight unless they have their own recovery device.


Must be present to view the flight. For electronic altitude recording, two witnesses must view or hear the altitude data in the rocket immediately upon landing, or have viewed the recording device being removed from the rocket at the landing site, and verified the data at that time.  

Range Safety Officer (RSO)

The specifications of the rocket (if not an un-modified kitset) including weight, diameter, length etc must be verified by the RSO and signed off before the launch. These specifications are used in a simulation by the records committee member. 

Additional Claim Checklist 

-Altitude must exceed the previous record by 2%.

-Completed application form completed in full

-The altitude record application fee of $ 20 must be paid to the NZRA bank account 

-A photograph of the rocket at the landing site indicating altimeter LCD display if relevant, is helpful, as are any data files of the flight produced from on-board electronic recording devices.

-Rocksim or other rocket simulation  files if available

-If your rocket is not a commercially made kitset or IS such a kitset but has been modified provide data sheets, drawings, specs and photos verified and  signed by the RSO prior to launch.  


The completed and signed off form must be given to, or sent to, in the required time, a member of the altitude records committee which is currently Phil Vukovich, Gerry Munden, Craig Packard.  

A range of altimeters and flight computers is available and supported in New Zealand by Aerospace Education 

Alex Heffer,
10 Mar 2013, 16:06
Alex Heffer,
10 Mar 2013, 16:06