Recent Editions

Volume 43 (2018)

Pohe, S.R. An annotated checklist of New Zealand mayflies (Ephemeroptera), 2018. p. 1-20 PDF

Volume 42 (2017)

Katzenberger, J.K. & Ross, J.G. Mohoua ochrocephala abundance in the Catlins following aerial 1080 control. p. 1-8 PDF

Schon, N.L., Bartlam, S., Deakin, E.L., Gray, R.A., Mackay A.D., van Koten, C. Do exotic earthworms invade New Zealand native forests? p. 6-17 PDF

Robinson. E., Jerrett, A., Black, S., Davidson, W. Ontogenetic shift in spectral sensitivity of Pacific snapper Chrysophrys auratus. p. 18-22 PDF

Volume 41 (2016)

Banks, J.C., Demetras, N.J., Hogg, I.D., Knox, M.A. Monitoring brown trout (Salmo trutta) eradication in a wildlife sanctuary using environmental DNA. p. 1-13 PDF

Welsch, J., Hale, R.J., Buckley, H.L., Case, B.S. Quantification and comparison of shelterbelt carbon stocks within and between an organic mixed-cropping farm and a conventional dairy farm. p. 14-28 PDF

Volume 40 (2015)

Källqvist, E.M.L.A., Pirker, J.G., & Marsden, I.D. Assessment of Recreational Fishing within the Akaroa Harbour Taiāpure Management Area, South Island Te Waipounamu, New Zealand. p. 1-15 PDF

Volume 39 (2014)

Lusk, C.H. Divaricate plants resist ungulate browsing in a forest remnant on the North Island of New Zealand. p. 1-9 PDF

Henwood, O.R., Kirby, C.L., & Cutting, B.T. An exploratory faunal survey of New Zealand temperate rainforest epiphytes. p. 10-24 PDF

Conner, A.J. & Barrell, P.J. Inheritance of pleated petals in California poppy (Eschscholzia californica). p. 25-30 PDF

Volume 38 (2013)

Kavermann, M.J., Paterson, A.M., Ross, J.G. Sensitivity of audio-lured versus silent chew-track-cards and WaxTags to the presence of brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula). p. 1-8. PDF

Thomas, H. & Linklater, W. New Zealand native bird scat (Apteryx and Nestor spp.) prompts investigation by introduced rats. p. 9-17. PDF

Volume 37 (2012)

Editorial comments pg. i-iv PDF (137 KB) 

Winterbourn, M.J. Nymphal life history and growth of Atalophlebioides cromwelli (Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae) in the Selwyn River (South Island, New Zealand) and the effect of a very large flood. pg. 1-10 PDF (1,574 KB)

Holomuzki, J.R. & Biggs, B.J.F. Same enemy, same response: predator avoidance by an invasive and native snail. pg. 11-24 PDF (347 KB)

Tana, R. & Hicks, B.J. Influence of open and closed river systems on the migrations of two northern New Zealand populations of banded kokopu (Galaxias fasciatus). pg. 25-36 PDF (838 KB)

Webber, C.J., Peterson, A.J., Kelly, D., & Clemens, J. Native and exotic flower visitors in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and their contrasting plant preferences. pg. 37-49 PDF (486 KB)