Volume 27 (2002)

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Research Articles

McCullough, C.D. & Hicks, B.J.
Estimating the abundance of banded kokopu (Galaxias fasciatus Gray) in small streams by nocturnal counts under spotlight illumination. pg. 1-14 PDF (3,058 KB)

Winterbourn, M.J. & Wright-Stow, A.E. Depth distribution of stream invertebrates in the hyporheic zone: diel and life history effects. pg. 15-26 PDF (2,416 KB)

Burrows, C.J. The ecological restoration of Otamahua/Quail Island. 5. Progress with shrub weed control. pg. 27-39 PDF (2,657 KB)

Gardner, R.O. Systematic notes on Coprosma (Rubiaceae: Anthospermeae). pg. 41-57 PDF (5,319 KB)

Kroening, S.J. & Greenfield, L.G. Effects of diesel oil contamination on soil microorganisms. pg. 59-67 PDF (1,845 KB)