Volume 12 (Mauri Ora 1985)

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Davison, W. Editorial. pg. i. PDF (48 KB)


Knox, G.A. Foreward. pg. ii-iii. PDF (64 KB)



Research Articles


Davison, W. & Van Berkel., J. Kaikoura and the Edward Percival Field Station: a brief overview. pg. 1-5 PDF (165 KB)


McCulloch, B. Kaikoura archaeology. pg. 7-12 PDF (199 KB)


Pilgrim, R.L.C. Parasitic Copepoda from marine coastal fishes in the Kaikoura-Banks Peninsula region, South Island, New Zealand. pg. 13-53 PDF (1.3 MB)


Sherley, G.H. & Cunningham, J.B. Recent research in Kowhai Bush and proposals for the future. pg. 55-67 PDF (536 KB)


Marsden, I.D. Between the tides on the Kaikoura Peninsula. pg. 69-93 PDF (844 KB)


Davison, W. Swimming against the tide: adaptations of three species of fish for life in the intertidal zone. pg. 95-104 PDF (402 KB)


Knox, G.A., Hicks, K. & Bolton, L. An annotated checklist of the polychaetes of the Kaikoura Peninsula region. pg. 105-131 PDF (855 KB)


Stout, V.M. The ecology of three small lakes near Kaikoura, New Zealand. pg. 133-146 PDF (490 KB)


Davison, W. &  van Berkel, J. Further additions to the records of marine fishes from Kaikoura. pg. 147-150 PDF (118 KB)


Cipriano, F. Dusky dolphin research at Kaikoura, New Zealand: a progress report. pg. 151-158
PDF (295 KB)


Cipriano, F., Blair, D. & McKenzie, J. Methods for dissection and metazoan parasite examination of small cetaceans. pg. 159-169 PDF (346 KB)


van Berkel, J. & Davison W. The Kaikoura region: a bibliography. pg. 171-194 PDF (1.1 MB)