3D VR and VH centres

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New technologies for urban designers
Vi.RG.In Catalogue - Main Page
Internet Archaeol 1. Gillings & Goodrick. Bibliography
Internet Archaeology - Electronic Journal - Home Page
Publications from the venue project
Virtual Work Page
CASA - Hackney Interactive
The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies


Welcome to the UCLA Cultural VR Lab
Publications by Mel Slater ie presence in VE


IT543 3D Web Technologies course guide
eScience Graduate Diploma Web Page
CS542 Introduction to Graphics Programming using Java3D course guide.
Interactive Information Institute


AstroTour - Swinburne University of Technology

Swedish Institute of Computer Science

HUMLE - ett skönt labb
HUMLE - ett skönt labb - projects
Welcome to ICE Swedish Insitute of Computer Science
Chalmers media lab (sweden)
The Pond
WWW3D A 3D Multi-User Web Browser

University of Tsukuba

Iwata Lab. Univ.of.Tsukuba Home Page


MIRALab - Where Research means Creativity

Virtual realms-Built Environment-Uni of Queensland

Virtual Realms      real-time interactive 3D content and software development      

University of Queensland

QUT Synthetic Environment Laboratory

Uni of Michegan

UM-VRL Selected Projects

MOVES-Naval Postgraduate School California

The MOVES Academic Program

museums and new technologies

Museums and New Technologies Special Interest Group

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Virtual Environments Group
GVU The Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center
arch and geographic visualisation at georgia tech

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Visualization and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing Home Page

University of Alberta

Virtual Reality (VR) Links

NCSA Virtual Reality Facilities

NCSA VR Lab Home Page
Real Spaces to Create Virtual Presence Paper


Mixed Reality Laboratory at University of Nottingham
Conference Information
Communications Research Group Events
CRG Publications


Electronic Visualization Laboratory at University of Illinois at Chicago


the i.e. Centre
3D Murale Brunel University

ETC-Carnegie Mellon

Entertainment Technology Center
Current projects
Rat Maze of VR


Mobile Journalist's Workstation (see through 3d visors etc)
Mobile Augmented Reality

University of Washington

Human Interface Technology Laboratory - Home Page

University of Kent

Umea University Sweden

VRlab - Umeå universitet
UCIT_Umea Center for Interaction Technologu


GSC3417 Virtual cultures sex, politics and war in cyberspace (ART)

University of Warwick-Virtual Theatre Modelling

MA in Performance Space and IT Modelling Warwick

Leuven University Netherlands

Marc Pollefeys' home page

LIG -Computer Graphics Lab-Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne

Lausanne Polytech-VR projects

University of Toronto

VRML Architecture group Toronto
The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre

Institute For Media Communication Saint Augustin Germany

IMK - Institute for Media Communication

Other Institutes

Rensselaer School of Architecture - Resources-Computing
Gerrie's Virtual Reality Sites
Immersive Television Research At Goldsmith University
Skill Lab - Current Projects-Mississippi State University psychology dept
Center for Design Visualization Berkeley
Virtual Museum research at MMU-Manchester
Virtual Hand Laboratory-British Columbia
Institute for the Learning Sciences-NorthWestern University
HCI Lab University Of Saskatchewan
CAADRIA -Computer Aided Architectural Design Research In Asia
The Virtual Reality Project Trinity University Texas
Visual Information Technology -NRC -National Research Council Canada