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The homepage of Erik Malcolm Champion - research on virtual heritage, serious games, digital places, XD, & machinima

News Update (December 1, 2008 )

As google pages will soon cease to exist, I have created a new website/blog at so please go to that (I have a site redirect here but it does not seem to work).

 News update (from 28 November 2008)

I have been invited to a panel in Cairns for OZCHI in December, and will present a paper at SIGGRAPH Asia in Singapore Dec 12. So I may not have time to update this site with new conference calls etc. In mid April 2009 it looks like I have been given an American-NZ grant to give a talk at IUPUI Indiana and at Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the grant is prestigious but not exactly lucrative so to help cover costs I am keen to present at other places as well!

Also, I apologize for not updating this site; I did not expect it to be popular so the references are mostly for me. Google have forced my hand however, as this type of website is being phased out. Any suggestions for a new website or provider gratefully received.
Finally, I am looking to supervise new post grad students in game design, interactive environments, and virtual heritage, so if you are interested, please email me (link above). Currently international post grads in NZ pay no more than about 2000 USD a year and we expect to have some scholarships/grants for some "special projects" (more about that later).

News update (from 23 June 2008)

What with a job, university and country change, I have not had time to update this (beta) website but hope to do so by August.

Great Game and VE Journals

I have joined the editorial boards of these journals and also LEA, and I know they consider good submissions in the fields of games, virtual environments and multimedia so please have a look.
  1. International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations*
  2. Games and Culture: A Journal of Interactive Media
  3. Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds
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*Book review editor (with Paul Waelchli)-feel free to send us books to review!

Conference calls I should be promoting  

  1. The 2nd European Computer Games Based Learning (ECGBL) conference in Barcelona 16 October 2008. Digital Media and its Applications in Cultural Heritage (DMACH) in  Petra Jordan from 3-5 November 2008.
  2. OZCHI:08 Designing for Habitat & Habitus in Townsville Australia from 8 December.
  3. Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM) 2008 in  Cyprus in the European Autumn. Interactive Entertainment 08 (IE2008) at QUT in  Brisbane Australia 3 December 2008.

More conferences here.

Latest Book Chapters

  1. Champion, Erik."Game-Based Historical Learning", Chapter XIII in Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education, edited by Richard E. Ferdig, (31 July 2008).   
  2. Champion, Erik. "Explorative Shadow Realms of Uncertain Histories", IN New Heritage: New Media and Cultural Heritage (Paperback) by Yehuda E. Kalay, Thomas Kvan, Janice Affleck (Editors).

Latest Papers

  1. Henden, C., Champion, E., Jacobson, J. and Muhlberger, R. (2008). A Surround Display Warp-Mesh Utility to Enhance Player Engagement. Accepted for the 7th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, 25-27 September 2008, Pittsburgh USA (ICEC 2008).  
  2. Lazy Panorama Monopoly Table: Take Your City for a Spin, for CAADRIA 2008, Thailand, 9-12 April, 2008. Co-authors Andrew Dekker and Petra Thomas. Erik presented.   
  3. A Critical Examination of Presence Applied to Cultural Heritage, for ISPR Presence Conference, Barcelona, 25-27 October 2007. Co-author Laia Pujol Tost presented.  
  4. Dekker, A., and Champion, E. (2007). Please Biofeed the Zombies: Enhancing the Gameplay and Display of a Horror Game Using Biofeedback, for DiGRA, Tokyo, 24-28 September 2007. 
  5. Champion, E. (2008).Social Presence and Cultural Presence in Oblivion, for PerthDAC, Perth, 15-18 September 2007.