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Replacement Timeline

When does it make sense to phase-out what we have now?

The timeline for capital replacement of Defence Force Equipment follows from the depreciation schedule.

 2013-2015 Army trucks (replaced 2013)
Endeavour  Oiler ship ($50m - $150m)
Resolution survey ship ($50m - $100m)
Ship-board helicopter (replacing Seasprite) ($50 - 200m)
 2015-2020 CH-130H Hercules $500m
P-3K Orions $500m
 2020-2024 B757s
Pinzgauer LOV
LAV IIIs (sold in tranches)
Te Kaha (if not sold before)
 2025-2030 Te Mana (if not sold before)
NH90 Helicopters

This is of course assuming it is not preferable to sell units for operational reasons as for examples the Seasprites which are only used by one other Navy (Egypt) and becoming to expensive to service.