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Infantry Weapons

The New Zealand Army already has rather a few infantry weapons.
Here's a table of attributes.
 Name CalibreRate of Fire
 Weight Muzzle Velocity
Sig Sauer P228
 9 x 19mm  45 rpm 0.94kg 390- 435 m/s 50m
 A very common military pistol. The 9 x 19mm Parabellum is not so good at armour penetration.
A very useful backup tool when some defensive capability is needed but overt force uneeded.

AUG Steyr
 5.56x45mm 680-750 rpm
 3.3-3.6kg 970 m/s 300mNot a bad bullpup rifle/carbine. Fine for general infantry (eg Rangers). Useful where personnel need to be taken seriously, but a handful when doing other work (eg Pioneers, Biosecurity or Motorised). Not much chop in longer range engagements.
M203 grenade launccher
40 x 46mm SR
 6 rpm
 +1.36kg 78 m/s 150mThoroughly useful weapon with options from super deady to less than lethal.

FN Minimi


7.62 x 51mm
 700 - 1,150 rpm

or 600 - 850 rpm



 925 m/s 300-1000mA well regarded MG for its portability. NZ adopting the 7.62mm version.  Very serious weapon in a low-intensity situation.
  7.62 x 51mm
 600 - 1000 rpm
 11.79kg 840 m/s 800mBig-arse machine gun for general purpose mayhem. Better on vehicles than lumped around.
L129A1 Sniper rifle
 7.62 x 51mm 60 rpm 4,4kg (ex scope) 840m/s 800mSniper rifle based on the AR15 mechanism. Very light for a sniper rifle.
Carl Gustav
 84mm 6 rpm 8.5kg 250m/s
 150m (tanks)
Originally an anti-tank weapon but increasingly used for defende positions. Light and handy for infantry its longevity speaks volumes. No use inside armour or buildings though.
FG-148 Javelin
 HEAT missile 4 rpm
8kg missiles
 from 75m
1,500m can reach 4,000m but no guidance
At 22kg it's a very heavy infantry anti-tank missile. Can be fired from inside buildings. Launchers cost $125,000 and missiles $80,000 a pop.
There is nothing wrong with this collection of weapons and there is no burning need to replace them.
However if one adopts a "golfbag" approach there are a few others which would be worth adding to the mix.

Orders would never be more than 1000-2000 units or $2- $6m.
 Name Calibre Rate of fire Weight muzzle

 4.6 x


 950 1.9kg 735m/s 200m

 Heckler & Koch's 4.6mm is a micro rifle round which has high armour penetration out to 200m which is ample in most combat engagement distances.  Obviously you can carry more 4.6mm annunition in a magazine than 9mm. The beauty of this weapon is that is almost an assault rifle but can be holstered (and fired one handed) like a pistol. Excellent for personnel who don't want their hands full of Steyr rifle but who need more than a Sig Sauer if things go pear-shaped.

Very good for Marines, Motorised, MPs, Pioneers in particular. SAS may also want them as they are used by special forces generally. Could be a Ranger sidearm.

Metal Storm MAUL
 12 gauge 5 round shotgun in 2 seconds 0.8kg  50m

 Metal Storm's shotgun is another semi-pistol like weapon but with both very lethal and non-lethal options. While the M203 can fire "rubber bullets" its rate of fire is low. The maul can fire 5 rounds in 2 seconds. Very useful if you want a lot of firepower very fast at close quarters.

Useful for Marines, Rangers and MPs and maybe SAS

H&K 417
 7.62 x 51mm 600 rpm 3.87 - 4.3kg 709 - 789 m/s 500m The H&K 417 is very like the L129A1 sniper rifle and the two compete in the designated marksman's space. But the Norwegian Army uses the 417 as a standard battle rifle in places like Afghanistan where engagement distances are way over the effective range of 5.56mm ammunition. This is a weapon more for the Rangers in mountains where long range is essential. 
Remington modular sniper rifle
 Ranges from 7.62mm to .338 Norma Magnum 6 - 10 rpm 7.7kg varies 1,500m The MSR is expensive (like about $20k) so not everyone will get one, but designated marksman will appreciate the flat trajectory of the 0.338 Norma Magnum.
 .338 Norma Magnum 500 rpm 10.8kg 807 m/s 1,700mThe LMMG potentially fills the gap between the 7.62mm FN Minimi and the 0.5 heavy machine gun. Lighter than the FN MAG its bullets go further and hit harder. This is a useful weapon when you are on or dealing with hilly terrain with long sight lines. The weapon can be fired and carried like the FN MAG.
 6.8mm SPC   760m/s 400m

Thales has adapted some AusSteyr's to the Remington 6.8mm SPC round.  The 6.8mm fits between the 5.56mm and the 7.62mm allowing more ammunition to be carried than the 7.62 but with better range and stopping power than the 5.56mm. The 6.8mm has a flat trajectory similar to the .338 Norma Magnum.

 Milkor MGL

 40 x 46mm
 20 rpm
 5.3kg 76 m/s
600m extended range ammo
 A 40mm revolver can create quite a mess or place smoke or teargas quickly. It can also fire non-lethal rounds in large numbers. Useful for Rangers, Pioneers and MPs. This may be a better option than the Carl Gustav for MPs. The weapon can also be fired from suitably modified armoured vehicles. The 40mm grenade can destroy light armoured vehicles.
 150mm 1 12.5kg 40m/s up to subsonic from 20m to 1000m A smaller HEAT missile than the Javelin for shorter range engagements. Good for infantry units that might need to be able to take out heavy tanks but don't want the palava of setting up a Javelin battery.

Another important addition is the 60mm mortar for the Ranger Battalion. This could be added to the existing 81mm mortars, or replacement 120mm infantry mortars. 120mm mortars are heavier than 81mm mortars with a slower rate of fire, but they can have laser guided ammunition to reduce collateral damage.

Small tactical drones are also becoming important for infantry units to be able to get a birds eye view of the tactical situation and direct air support or mortars. The NZ made Kahu system is one option although there are others.