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UN diplomacy

The United Nations relies on the commitments of Member states to give effect to its various conventions, agreements and resolutions. New Zealand, diplomatically, relies on a rules based international order lacking, as we do, the wherewithal to do anything else. As part of this commitment to a rules based system New Zealand commits some of its government capability to UN missions. An important part of this is our military capability.

Typically New Zealand contributes the following

 Type of contribution Role Benefit /Cost to NZ
 Observers Monitoring borders and similar hot spots Very high (low cost)
 Engineers Local construction  Medium
 Helicopters Support to relatively poor Govts Low-Medium (very expensive)
 Medical teams Support to disasters Medium (high transport costs)
 Long range air transport Support disasters and Antarctic operations Medium (high cost but high kudos)

Potentially there are other roles New Zealand could assist with, particularly in the Pacific