UN/Allied Security & Aid Scenario

In this scenario a major ally, or the United Nations, asks for assistance in providing "security" and aid in a distant third world nation destabilised by civil war. It could be Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan. It doesn't much matter.
This is the "US starts a stupid war, gets into huge trouble and expense, thrashes around running up huge bills, declares victory and leaves" scenario. Or it could be the "One regional power beats up neighbour, UN imposed by major powers, UN stays forever achieving very little for anyone" scenario. Either way for diplomatic reasons New Zealand prime ministers feel compelled to "support our friends and allies" by "making a contribution". New Zealanders like to imagine that we are better regarded locally than the major powers that head the allies because we are smaller, fluffier and more friendly, and not so arrogant.

Maximum Deployable Force

Getting there

With three logistic support ships we can move a 64 security vehicles and trucks plus two platoons of crews per ship. It may be cheaper to send vehicles by commercial car carrier, however. That means our heavy equipment can be sent by sea and our people flown by chartered jet (or ordinary flights if its cheaper) to meet up with the heavy equipment when it docks.

If need be all heavy equipment except the LAV vehicles, MAN HX trucks and Draco guns can be flown by air charter. These can be substituted by Cobra II, Bronco and 120mm mortar systems.

What can we contribute

The structure allows for the following maximum sustainable NZ contribution.

2 SAS teams of 16 for dangerous patrols with 8 Cobra IIs
2 Low Intensity Warfare Military Police Platoons plus K9 teams and 10 Ural vehicles (70)
2 Mechanised combat platoons of 4 AFVs (LAV-76s ship or Cobra II flown) (24)
1 Pioneer mechanised platoon of 4 AFVs ( 2 HMMEEs, 2 LAV Pioneer vehicles or 2 Cobra II flown) (8)
2 Heavy Transport platoons 16 MAN HX trucks  (shipped) or Bronco tracked (flown)  (32)
1 Pioneer infantry platoon for demining (6 Cobra IIs) (32)
1 Trades pioneer infantry platoon (32)
1 Aviation detachment with UAVs, 2 SH-2G helicopters (or MH60 if flown) and 2 MH-60s helicopters (32)
1 Rangers artillery battery of 4 76mm mobile Draco guns + counterbattery radar (shipped) or 4 120mm mortars (flown) (24)
2 Rangers infantry platoons (8 Cobra IIs 48) 
Base engineering and facilities platoon (24)
Field Hospital detachment with 4 Cobra II ambulances  (32)
Rangers intelligence detachment (8)
Field 3CI detachment (8)

In situations like Timor a Damen LSV could act as a temporary floating base and headquarters while the land base is being established (56 crew)
In addition
2 Patrol boats with 16 Marines and Humdingas
1 OPV with SH-2G

support from KC-390 transport aircraft. chartered airliners,  1 Embraer legacy 600 training aircraft

Civilian contractor helicopters (as needed)
Civilian contractor catering and base support

Military Personnel: around 500.

Potential configuration on any one day

Fortress Raiding Party
1 UAV crew
2 SH-2G helicopter with Maverick missiles for aerial monitoring and fire support
1 HMEE vehicle crews and 1 LAV Pioneer with 8 Pioneer or Ranger  infantry
4 LAV-76s for fire support  or 4 Cobra IIs purely for 40mm AGL fire support
16 SAS troopers either in 4 Cobra IIs
6 Cobra IIs with 40mm AGLs and 24 heavily armed Ranger infantry with Minimis and M203 40mm GLs
2 Cobra II ambulances
2 Draco mobile artillery guns or 120mm mortars with GPS or laser guided munitions on call
Electronics intelligence unit with 1 armoured landcruisers
Human intelligence unit with 1 armoured landcruisers

Regular Patrols and intelligence
8 Patrols of 1 Ural with 4 military police per patrol
4 backup units of 2 Cobra IIs with 8 Rangers
1 UAV crew
Human intelligence unit with 2 armoured landcruisers

Construction team
Pioneer platoon with 6 Cobra II vehicles
2 Heavy mechanised pioneer vehicles
8 Man HX trucks
Trades pioneer platoon with Armoured Landcruisers
Base engineering detachment

Base protection (less raiding party, construction crew and regular patrols)
1 UAV crew
2 MH-60s
4 LAV-76s for fire support  or 4 Cobra IIs purely for 40mm AGL fire support
32 Military Police on call (resting)
8 Man HX trucks heavy transport platoon
1 SAS team of 16 (reserve)
6 Cobra IIs with 40mm AGLs and 24 heavily armed Ranger infantry with Minimis and M203 40mm GLs
Field hospital with 2 Cobra II ambulances
Base engineering and facilities platoon (24)
Electronics intelligence unit
Mission Facilitation Scaffold (HQ elements) with access to long range UAVs

Maritime patrol option
1 OPV for surveillance and SH-2G helicopter support and UAV access
2 Patrol boats with 1 RHIB boarding party of 8  and 1 boat crew monitoring for territorial incursions


All personnel can be rotated with counterparts back in New Zealand. The detachment is equipped to be both mobile and able to construct its own sustainable base. It is intended to provide a security and services presence for a radius of about fifteen kilometres.The total package proposed here would be (like the Timor deployment) the largest ongoing commitment the force could sustain. Compared to any Australian or Singaporean contribution it would be rather modest. However it would be self contained, sustainable and relatively easily deployed.